Saturday, October 02, 2010

TV Tie-ins: The Persuaders

The Persuaders! was compulsive viewing for me when I was a kid. It had—still has—one of the finest theme tunes ever composed for a TV series (the Thunderbirds theme being my other favourite) and genuinely exotic locations, unlike, say, The Champions, which had a couple of establishing shots and then cut to a studio or bits of Hertfordshire. It was like James Bond on the tele... and by the time they started re-running it, it was James Bond on the tele!

The Persuaders! Book One by Frederick E. Smith
Pan 0330-02884-7, 1971, 136pp. [FC: Tony Curtis, Roger Moore]
as The Persuaders!, Hornchurch, Ian Henry Publications 0860-25060-1, 1976. (h/c)
Two men, bronzed and handsome, one born in Brooklyn, the other a member of the English aristocracy. Daredevil playboys who loved a fight—against odds or with each other. Both looking for excitement and the kind of girls who had what it takes to take what they had.
__A Riviera meeting with elderly Judge Fulton changed their lives. So did their first assignment—looking for a stunning brunette whose heart-shaped birthmark defied the bikini line.
The Persuaders! Book Two by Frederick E. Smith
Pan 0330-02936-3, 1972, 139pp, 25p. [FC: Tony Curtis, Roger Moore]
as The Persuaders!--Again!, Hornchurch, Ian Henry Publications 0860-25063-6, 1976. (h/c)
Good-looking Brett Sinclair, aristocratic ex-playboy of a hundred jet-set resorts, and nuggety Danny Wilde, self-made millionaire from the Bronx, get together for a war on crime—and come out fighting...
_Five Miles to Midnight
__Smuggling an American gangster over the Italian border calls for a classical statue and a modern miss who combines exposure with composure...
_Someone Like Me
__Finding out that Brett has a double runs Danny into triple trouble...
The Persuaders! Book Three by Frederick E. Smith
Pan 0330-23421-8, 1973, 158pp, 25p. [FC: Roger Moore, Tony Curtis]
as The Persuaders at Large, Brighton, Henry Publications 0860-25012-1, 1976. (h/c)
Danny Wilde was seeing what he liked most to see and liking what he was seeing.
__Brett Sinclair was toasting Danny's success.
__Suddenly, lovely Michelle Devigne spun round and fell to the ground. With two million dollars in gold at stake, murder came for the asking...

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