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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Trigan Empire in Germany

I'm sneakily splitting this into two parts so that I can cover the whole weekend while we're moving. The first volume here is from a 1977 run while the remainder are from a series published by Hethke Verlag beginning in 1989. I've only seen up to volume 14 (1992) but the series continued until at least volume 34. The first volume on display (i.e. the second image below) seems not to have been numbered and was published in 1991, reprinting the first Trigan story, but is clearly part of the same series.

(* Trigan Empire © IPC Media)


Rafiq Raja said...

Amazing covers... I am starting to love this Trigan Empire adventures. It has more to it than the mundane Flash Gordon strips I have been re-reading offlate.

Thanks for sharing them Steve.

Azlan said...

Excellent covers and scans!