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Monday, July 05, 2010

Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere

Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere was a 6-part TV series broadcast on BBC2, the first episode appearing on 12 September 1996. I wasn't too impressed on the original run—it looked rather cheaply made and spread over six weeks I suspect I also lost the thread of the plot. However, I did pick up the double video pack when it came out and it was a far better viewing experience watching the whole lot in one go.

Now you can get it on DVD for almost nothing so I'll have to upgrade at some point and watch it again. But in the meantime, here's the original coverage that appeared in the Radio Times (7-13 September 1996).

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cellulord said...

I too thought it looked cheap ... but Hywel Bennett's performance was a revelation. I remember him as a pretty boy in the 70s and to see his transformation was startling - but utterly appropriate to the role. Watching the show again some years later, I came to the conclusion that the wobbly sets and ridiculous lighting, which made it look like a kid's TV show, actually worked to its advantage ... it feels even more seditious and Gaimanesque (sorry) in usurping a fun and friendly mise-en-scene and making it uncomfortable and difficult.

30-Something Gamer said...

There's a graphic novel too, adapted by Mike Carey (Lucifer) and drawn by Glenn Fabry (Slaine)

Anonymous said...

The reason it looks so cheap is that it was shot on video with the intention of 'filmising' it in post-production (not as outlandish as it sounds and still a common practice today); the BBC (who were not supportive of fantasy at the time) then decided not to bother with the additional expense and let it go out untreated. Peronally, I don't think it really matters; it's the words, performances and Gaiman's imagination that are key.