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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trigan around the world

More foreign editions of Trigan books. The first two below are volumes in French and Spanish and the others are from Indonesia, where the strip appears to have had a good run. The advert above includes a number of covers I don't otherwise have from this series. The Indonesian editions are actually rather nice... very poorly printed on thin paper, but a slightly larger than European album size, which—thanks also to their having printed the titles in a smaller size—meant that more of Lawrence's original cover art could be seen.

(* Trigan Empire © IPC Media)


Mike W said...

I certainly recognise a lot of these covers as many were used in the Trigan Collection of 12 volumes - one of the best collections in terms of production & content that has appeared on the market.

Azlan said...

Awesome. I gotta start reading the reprints that I do have...

Steve said...


I think subscribers to the full Trigan Collection also got a print with each volume and, between the covers used on the books and the prints, all of Don's Trigan artwork was covered. I'm not 100% certain but once I track down the index of Don's work (packed away somewhere in one of 200 or so boxes) I'll try to check.