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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Yankee Shorts

The oddly named Yankee Shorts series was published by Gerald G. Swan in the early 1940s at a time when paper was in short supply. There was also a ban on new periodicals appearing, so the title changed regularly from issue to issue. To try and fool readers into thinking that the magazine was American, Swan put a 10 cents price tag on covers but sold it for 3d. for 32 pages.

1 Yankee Romance Shorts No.1 (1940)
2 Yankee Mystery Shorts No.2 (1940)
3 Yankee Science Fiction No.3 (1940)
4 Yankee Romance Shorts No.4 (1940)
5 Yankee Mystery Shorts No.5 (1941)
6 Yankee Weird Shorts No.6 (1941)
7 Yankee Western Shorts No.7 (1941)
8 Yankee Gang Shorts No.8 (1941)
9 Yankee Love Shorts No.9  (1941)
10 Yankee Air Action No.10 (1941)
11 Yankee Science Fiction No.11 (1941)
12 Yankee Romance Shorts No.12 (1941)
13 Yankee Gang Shorts No.13 (1941)
14 Yankee Weird Shorts No.14 (1941)
15 Yankee Romance Shorts No.15 (1941)
16 Yankee Air Action No.16 (1941)
17 Yankee Western Shorts No.17 (1941)
18 Yankee Romance Shorts No.18 (Apr 1942)
19 Yankee Weird Shorts No.19 (May 1942)
20 Yankee Gang Shorts No.20 (Jun 1942)
21 Yankee Science Fiction No.21 (Jul 1942)

The series was a mixture of American pulp reprints and British original short stories by the likes of William J. Elliott, Kay Hammond Davies and W. P. Cockcroft.

All the early covers were, I believe, by John McCail. Some of the later covers are by another hand.

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