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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kenneth Lovell

I received an enquiry about illustrator Kenneth Lovell whose name I've only encountered once, as the artist of a couple of later books by S. G. Hulme-Beaman. A little bit of further digging has turned up a number of other books, the earliest, published in 1931, credited to Kenneth H. Lovell.

Kenneth H. Lovell, artist, can be found in the London phone book living at 37 Pepys Road, Wimbledon S.W.20 between 1932 and 1952.

A dig around the birth/death index turns up a couple of suspects: Kenneth Harold Lovell, born in Aston, Warwickshire, on 16 November 1914, who died in Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, in 1969; and Kenneth Howard T. Lovell, birth registered in Epsom, Surrey, in 1902, whose death was registered (as Kenneth Lovell) in Westminster, London, in 1965, aged 63. Of the two I think the latter more likely given the London address he lived at for so many years.

If I'm correct about the latter, he appears in the 1911 census as Kenneth Howard (misspelled at Find My Past as Hasand) Lovell, born in Sutton, Surrey, aged 8 and living in Wimbledon Park with his parents Alexander Howard and Helen Kate Lovell and older (11-year-old) sister Margaret Ada Lovell. Dad worked for an electrical engineering firm. He was born in Perth NB [North Britain, i.e. Scotland], and the lack of any sign of a marriage (which would have taken place in around 1898) makes me suspect that they met and married in Scotland. (A quick note of thanks to Jamie Sturgeon for sending me the 1911 census return.)

Illustrated Books
Heroes of the Bad Bush. Stories of West Africa. London, 1931.
Goosie Gander Rhymes. London, Deans (Rag Book 304), c.1940?
The Naughtiest Girl is a Monitor by Enid Blyton. London, George Newnes, 1945.
The Adventures of Susan and Peter by Dorothy Mary Sheppard. Leicester, Brockhampton Press, 1947.
My Pictureland A.B.C.. London, Juvenile Productions, 1950.
Wonderland A-B-C. London, Juvenile Productions, 1950.
The Waterbabies by Charles Kingsley (written within the vocabulary of New Method Reader I by Michael West). London, Longmans, Green & Co., 1957.
Fables and Fairy Tales simplied by Michael West. London, Longmans, Green & Co., 1957.
Toytown series (by Betty Hulme-Beaman & S. G. Hulme Beaman)
__5: The Theatre Royal, and, Punch and Judy . London, Oldbourne, 1958.
__6: Toytown Goes West. London, Oldbourne, 1958.
__7: The Encharted Ark. London, Oldbourne, 1958.
__8: The Mayor's Sea Voyage. London, Oldbourne, 1959.
__?10: The Toytown Treasure. London, Oldbourne, 1961.
__11: Mr. Noah's Holiday. London, Oldbourne, 1961.
__14: Mr. Growser Moves House. London, Oldbourne, 1962.
__15: The Extraordinary Affair of Ernest the Policeman. London, Oldbourne, 1962.
__16: Pistols for Two. Oldbourne, 1962.
__17: A Toytown Christmas Party by G. G. Hulme Beaman. London, Oldbourne, 1962.
__19: Dreadful Doings in Ark Street. London, Oldbourne, 1963.
__20: The Arkville Dragon. London, Oldbourne, 1963.
__21: The Showing Up of Larry the Lamb. London, Oldbourne, 1963.
The Man in the Web, and other folk tales by Philip Sherlock (written within the vocabulary of New Method Reader I by Michael West & E. P. Hart). London, Longmans, Green & Co., 1959.

(* My thanks to Felix who pointed out that NB was a frequently used postal address for Scotland; my original assumption was that it implied he was born in New Brunswick, Canada.)

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