Saturday, May 08, 2010

Roger Davis

Roger M. Davis was a cover artist who worked for Scion Ltd. in the early 1950s and was on staff in 1952-53. He signed a handful of covers in that period, and also contributed a comic strip to their Space Hero Comic in 1952. In 1954-55 he also produced covers for Gannet Press, including the covers and illustrations for both issues of Gannet's horror magazine Weird World.

What happened to Davis? To tell you the truth, I haven't a clue. Simon Marsh-Devine notes "he may have reappeared signing RD on a science fiction Digit cover, plus a couple that can be attributed as being by the same hand". This was around 1962 but I've yet to identify these covers. He is not the 'Davis' credited with a run of covers for the SF magazine Authentic in the 1950s, which were the work of John Richards.

The only other thing I know about Davis is that he was a friend of Jim Holdoway and got Holdaway some work with Scion in 1952, although the extent of that work is unknown.


  1. Looks like Roger Davis moved into nude photography, come the late 1950s with Art Advertiser and Studio News. Come 1960, did a publication of his own called Brush and Camera Magazine. He also went on to contribute to other photo and nude magazines.

  2. Interesting... my notes on those old under-the-counter nude photo mags is a bit sparse, but I see he put out what was essentially a catalogue: Beauty to Order and did a magazine for Rosalinda/Complete Publications, which was probably connected to publishers/distributors English Magazine Co. Ltd. which was only dissolved as a company a month ago (20 August 2013).

    Rosalinda was, I believe, another photographer from that era.



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