Saturday, April 24, 2010

David Lewis

Mantissa of Death (Digit Books R853, 1964) Cover by Michel
Richard Carlton has been given the most thrilling and dangerous assignment he is ever likely to have to tackle. A Soviet agent by the name of Drimmler, bound for the Caribbean, has been captured, and Carlton is ordered to impersonate him.
__Join Richard Carlton on the mysterious island of Cardino—meet the ruthless Andre Golizar, the sinister Doctor Li, and the beautiful but treacherous Violeta, the Communist spy, whose life's ambition is the kill the real Anton Drimmler.
David Lewis is a bit of a mystery... he quite possibly doesn't exist. Mantissa of Death may well have been written by a Digit Books' regular to cash in on the success of the James Bond movies. The book owes a debt to Doctor No, with it's sinister supervillain Doctor Li who is working in his Caribbean hideaway on a device that will control the human brain.

UPDATE (28 Oct 2018): David Lewis has now been identified as the pen-name of David Lewis Hodgson (1942- ), who subsequently wrote two later novels in the Steve Savage series for Pinnacle under the same name. Born in London, England, he has a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Sussex and has worked as a journalist, photographer and full-time writer.


Novels (series: Steve Savage)
Mantissa of Death. London, Digit Books, 1964.
The Andromeda Assignment (Savage). New York, Pinnacle, 1976.
The Omega Assignment (Savage). New York, Pinnacle, 1976.

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