Sunday, April 11, 2010

Christie Cover Cavalcade: part 7

Back in March I did the first part of a Tom Adams gallery looking at some of his covers for Fontana's Agatha Christie novels. I've finally had a chance to clean up a second selection. Adams' work was the subject of Agatha Christie: Cover Story, which appeared from Paper Tiger back in 1981 and is long out of print, but a great book with some fascinating commentary by Adams and Julian Symons if you can find a copy second hand.

You can find a little more about Adams in a piece that I wrote some years ago for Bear Alley. He also has his own website if you want to learn more about his work.

Fontana 2136

Fontana 3005

Fontana 3798

Fontana 4045

Fontana 4208

Fontana 4215

Fontana 4216

Fontana 4415

Fontana 5359

Fontana 5676

Fontana 6086

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  1. Thanks for this Steve. Those images are really creepy, aren't they? Shades of Hitchcock's Birds!

    Another name I didn't know until you mentioned it, many thanks



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