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Fleetway Pocket Library authors

The following list contains the names of as many of the scriptwriters who contributed to Fleetway's pocket libraries, including War, Battle, Air Ace, Love Story, True Life, Thriller, Cowboy, Super Detective and Schoolgirls. The few records available often covered only a part of the lifetime of each of these titles, so the listing is certainly incomplete.

A. Carney Allan
Angus Allan
George Allen
G. Allman
Donne Avenell
Fred G. Baker
J. Baker
W. Howard Baker
Leslie T. Barnard
E. J. Bensberg
Colin Benson
David E. Bingley
Peter Bird
J. Boland
Sydney J. Bounds
David Boutland
Pat Brookman
Noel Browne
R. Brownrigg (Mrs)
Gordon W. Brunt
N. Buchanan
Alma Buley (Miss)
Roy Bullen
H. K. Bulmer
Mike Butterworth
Ann Cameron
S. Carrington (Miss)
John Newton Chance
Percy Clarke
Roger P. Clegg
Barry Coker
Gordon M. Coombs
Eileen Corduroy
Ralph Coveney
E. G. Cowan
J. Cregan
Maurice Creswick
Dugold Cumming-Skinner
Rinaldo D'Ami
Alan Davidson
A. Deam (Miss)
A. M. Digby
Leslie S. Dofort
G. Dunn
James Edgar
M. Edwards
Ellis W. Evans
G. L. Evans
L. J. Evans
H. Fairfield
C. E. Fearn
Mary Feldwick
Alan Fennell
Ronald Fleming
P. R. French
Conrad Frost
H. J. Gammidge
Diana M. Garbutt
H. T. Gardner
J. Gardner (Miss)
Brian T. Garland
R. Garner
H. Gaston
H. H. C. Gibbons
Norah M. Gibbs (Mrs)
Kenneth Giggal
M. Scott Goodall
G. Gowler
G. Cecil Graveley
Roderic Graeme
Eileen W. Graham (Mrs)
Vera E. Greene (Miss)
Paul Greenfield
E. H. Hamil
Rex Hardinge
A. S. Harris
Peter Harris
Harry Harrison
J. Heale
Eric Hebden
A. W. Henderson
Valerie Hibble
James H. Higgins
V. A. L. Holding
Edward Holmes
J. Hoopell (Miss)
J. Hopkinson (Mrs)
C. Howard (Mrs)
V. Humpherson
Jack Hunt
John Hunter
Eileen Jackson
Graeme Jeffries
K. Jones
R. Keane
Danny Kelleher
Ian B. Kellie
Bob Kesten
Albert King
T. Kirby
Dinah Lacey
H. Lamb
Douglas Leach
D. Leader [poss. David Leader]
M. Lee (Miss)
C. A. Lewins
Eric Leyland
William J. B. Line
J. Lockhead
James Lomas
Derek Long
Justin Long
Roy McAdorey
J. P. McCrae (Mrs)
E. L. McKeag
Leila MacKinlay (Mrs)
Wilfred McNeilly
Ken McOwan
Terry Magee
George P. Mann
John Marsh
H. Martin (Miss)
Thomas H. Martin
J. Mather
Leonard Matthews
C. Mattin
Leonard J. Meddick
Ken Mennell
Mavis Miller
Pat Mills
A. Milner
G. Mitchell
James Moffatt
R. A. Montague
Michael Moorcock
T. E. Moore
David R. Motton
Marie Muir (Mrs)
Peter O'Donnell
H. R. Oldham
Gil Page
B. Palmer (Miss)
Ron Parker
A. G. B. Parlett
G. R. Parvin
F. R. Passmore
Willie Patterson
Frank S. Pepper
R. Perrins
G. Perrott
R. Phillips
Ernest Player
C. E. Plummer (Miss)
L. M. Plummer (Mrs)
R. V. Pothecary
N. Powell
Stewart Pride
W. Prout
S. Pyke (Mrs)
M. Raymond [poss. Moore Raymond]
David Roberts
---- Robinson
---- Robson
Ken Roscoe
E. L. Rosman
J. Roswell
B. Rowland
D. A. Sampson
David Satherley
G. Scott
J. E. Serby
Jerry Siegel
F. E. Smith
J. W. Smith
Robert Sommerville
Gordon Sowman
William Spence
James Stagg
Joseph Stamper
William E. Stanton-Hope
Peter Stewart
J. A. Stockbridge
V. Stokes
James A. Storrie
Patricia M. Stott
S. Strickland-Clark
Leslie Swainson
M. Telfall (Mrs)
A. Terry
Colin F. Thomas
Graeme Thomas
J. & S. Thomas
P. Thomas
D. Thompson
G. Thorne (Miss)
Eileen Tierney (Miss)
E. C. Tubb
Tom Tully
Walter Tyrer
---- Van Zyn
Adrian Vincent
Cyril G. Walker
Alf F. Wallace
J. Walsham
W. Ward
A. Warner
Len Wenn
Marjorie Wenn
M. Wheeler
John Wheway
Joan Whitford
Philip Wilding
Richard Wise
H. W. Wogan
---- Woods
Norman Worker
R. P. Yunnil (?)


  1. Another name to add to your list is Bill Reid, layout artist and bodger. He was Father of the Chapel(Foc)of the NUJ in the 1960s and often haunting the corridors of Old and New Fleetway!
    This is from Terry Magee(formerly in Chelmsford, now in the Basque Country). Hi, Steve - hope you are well!

  2. Hi Terry,

    Good to hear from you - I wondered where you'd got to! Perhaps you could drop me a line at the address below the photo (top left). I know Bill Reid worked on Buster but didn't know he'd started on the pocket libraries.



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