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Modern Wonder Artists and Authors

Modern Wonder was first published 22 May 1937. It was tabloid in format, published weekly with about 20 pages and cost 2d. It was aimed at boys and young men, containing illustrated articles and stories, often action true-life and science fiction. Some stories were lengthy serials. It was later renamed Modern Wonders, but still keeping to the volume and issue numbers and then in March 1940 it became Modern World. The magazine folded 29 March 1941, probably because of newsprint restrictions.

A consistent feature was articles about science and technology and later-on warfare, illustrated by cutaway drawings, often by Leslie Ashwell Wood and Robert Barnard Way. Another artist later to become famous for marine subjects was Kenneth Brooks. The covers and the centrefold were usually in colour, and the interior page illustrations were usually black and white.

The majority of the artists and writers and now quite unknown, alas.

Tony Woolrich

Wikipedia article about Modern Wonder.
The full issue-by-issue contents listing can be found at the British Juvenile Story Papers and Pocket Libraries Index, from where the lists of artists and authors have been extracted.


Fred Bennett
Kenneth Brookes
Sinclair Calow
Jack Cigong
Tom Cotterrell
Roland Davies
G. H. Davis
Laurence Dunn
Bryan de Grineau
Anson Gilchrist
R. A. Hallum
J Harris
Cyril Holloway
E. M. Hubbard
Norman Keen
Savile Lumley
Hugo Molvig
Patrick Nicolle
Frank Norton
T. D. Ward Osmond
Eric R Parker
Frederick Parker
Charles Pears
A. O. Pulford
C. P. Shilton
R. Barnard Way
Leslie Ashwell Wood
John Woods


The Sheikh A. Abdullah
B. Andrews
Bryan Andrews
Capt. A. R. Archer
Peter Barr
E. J. Barrett
Lewin B. Barringer
W. J. Bassett-Lowke
William Beebe
Theos Bernard
Charles Boff
Andrew R. Boone
Kerslake U. Bourne
Gerald Bowman
William S. Boyce
M. Addison Bright
Vincent Brome
B. H. Bryan
Donald Buchanan
Bernard Buley
Malcolm Burr
Walter E. Burton
Clifford Cameron
George W. Campbell
Gerald Carr
Ritchie Calder
Orestes Caldwell
John Cashel
H. T. Cauldwell, Editor
B. Charles
Herbert Clarkson
Sir Alan J. Cobham
V. E. C.
V. E. Collins
Lee Colton
Rudolph de Cordova
Tom Cottrell
John Cory
Rt. Hon. Sir George Courthorpe
Captain John D. Craig
Harold H. U. Cross
R. J. Dalby
Frank Daugherty
Robert Davy
Harry M. Davis
Henry Deekin
Pierre Devaux
Capt. J. E. Doyle
L. T. Dryver
Alan Duncan
John Edwards
Lieut.-Commander Kenneth Edwards
C. Hamilton Ellis
Leonard Engel
Lewis E. D. Essex
Jack Esten
John Russell Fearn
Clive R. Foster
S. Gibbs
Sterling Gleason
Oliver Gordon
W. P. Gordon
V. Edmund Grimley
Arthur Groom
B. T. H.
B. H.
Prof. J. B. S. Haldane
Ben Hamilton
Edwin Heath
J. M. Henderson
James Henderson
Miles Henslow
William Herbert
Michael Higgins
H. B. Hermon Hodge
Bernard Hogben
F. Ratcliffe Holmes
W. Stanton Hope
Sidney Howard
E. H. Hull
J. Hurren
Geoffrey Hutton
Adrian Jackson
J. E. Jackson
Robert Jamieson
Amy Johnson
Earl Johnson
S. S. Johnson
Bobby Jones
Edwin H. Judd
Waldemar Kaempffert
Roger Kafka
G. Keen
G. S. Keen
Manville Keith
M. Keith
Denys A. Kempson
A. J. Kerr
M. R. Knight
R. Knight
Cecil Knowles
Johnston Lane
Peter Langdale
E. J. H. Lemon
Pierre Leroux
Brigadier-General A. C. Lewin
Barry Lewis
Selby Lewis
Lowell M. Limpus
Louis P. Lochner
John E. Lodge
J. L. Longland
Prof. A. M. Low
B. S. M.
Capt. Norman Macmillan
E. G. Malindine
Louis C. Mansfield
Oscar Marcus
Robert E. Martin
Bower Mason
John Allan May
Bryan S. McCann
H. McDougall
Ralph Machealis
Stuart Macrae
Oscar E. Millard
Prof. H. W. Miller
Noel Mitchell
G. F. Morrell
Hugo Movig
A. J. Murray
J. Murray
S. H. Nelson
Roland Nitsche
Karl Nohle
C. A. O.
Carl Olsson
Hedley O’Mant
Desire Papp
D. E. Parkinson
W. J. Passingham
Ewen K. Patterson
James L. H. Peck
Auguste Piccard
George Poole
Gordon Randall
Alex Raymond
George Renwick
Constance Richardson
John Roberts
Leslie Roberts
T. R. Robinson
Keith Rogers
David Le Roi
Flt.-Lieut. Tommy Rose
Richard Rowland
Peter Royce
Dan Russell
Charles W. A. Scott
Hedley Scott
John Scott
Paul Shishkoff
Kenneth Sibley
Anthony Skene
H. C. Skinner
J. Murray Smith
David Seth-Smith
Vernon Sommerfield
Christopher Sparks
Lord Strabolgi
H. Strange
Ralph Stranger
E. V. Sutton
W. A. Swanberg
William Sydney
Edwin Teale
G. Hamilton Teed
Gordon Temple
Michael Terry
G. H. Thomas
R. T. Thomas
Faulkner Thompson
Dr. Frank Thone
R. Tiltman
Bernard Tunbridge
A. Vincent
W. E. Warrilow
Kenneth L. Waters
Roland Wentzel
A. Gowans Whyte
A. P. Luscombe Whyte
Harold T. Wilkins
Thomas H. Wisdom
Alfred E. Wright
Robert Wyndham
A. E. Wynn
Alec G. Yorke
Alec M. Yorke
Alec Yorke
John A. Zellers
Prof. N. N. Zubov

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