Saturday, September 05, 2009

Golden Galley Press

As promised, here's a list of publications from the Golden Galley Press.

Golden Galley Press
Any Fine Saturday by Alan Ivimey; illus. with photos by the author. nd [1948], 171pp.
Ballet Impromtu. Variations on a theme by Kay Ambrose. nd [1946], 94pp.
Ballet Renaissance by Audrey Williamson. 1947, 163pp.
Barbara Lou the Kinkajou by Bill Reading. nd [1946], 31pp obl.
Caroline's First Term by Gwendolen Featherstonhaugh. 1947, 235pp.
How to Play Snooker by Stanley Newman [with C. D. Dimsdale]. 1948, x+53pp.
London Lover. Songs of a city's romance by Trevor Allen, illus. Jennetta Vise. 1947, 36pp.
Moonshine America by Leonard Wayman. 1948, 137pp.
Mr. Gullible Spins. A shaggy fantasy by the Brothers Rowland [i.e. Richard & Brian Rowland] & Albert E. Morley. 1947, 129pp.
P.C. Bloggins' Magic Buttons by Irene Dancyger; illus. Leslie Butler. nd [1946], 32pp obl.
Paris Herself Again by George Sala; illus. lithographs by Victor Ross. 1948, 127pp.
The Romance of a China Doll by Gwendolen Featherstonhaugh; illus. Tom Kerr. nd [1946], 31pp obl.
The Story of Puffing Billy the Steamroller by Leonard Wayman. 1948, 43pp.
The Stream Way by Lois Lamplugh; illus. Lawrence Josset. 1949, 137pp.

Ballet Series
1 How a Ballet is Made by Honor Frost; illus. photos by Churton Fairman & Roger Wood. 1948, 27pp.

Binnacle Books
"Here is the Weather Forecast" by E. G. Bilham; illus. G. H. Sibley. 1946, 220pp.
Horse Play by Rowland Hilder; illus. by the author. nd [1946], 64pp.
Off the Beeton Track by Peter Pirbright; photos by Victor Ross. 1946, 146pp.
Ptarmigan Pie by Donal & Mabel Lindsay Glegg. nd [1946], 63pp.
So You're a Father! by Bill Reading; illus. Leslie Butler. 1947, 64pp.

Clipper Books, General Editor Rodolphe Louis Mégroz
1 Babies. A miscellany of the literature of infancy by C. D. Dimsdale. 1948, 56pp.
2 Ten Short Stories by Neil Bell. 1948, 63pp.

Golden Galley Series of Junior Classics, Edited by A. B. Allen
Aesop's Fables, retold by Arthur B. Allen; illus. Harold Yates. 1948, 74pp.
The Chimes by Charles Dickens; illus. Leslie Butler. 1946, 112pp.
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens; illus. Tom Kerr. 1946, 103pp.
Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Irving Washington. Together with The King of the Golden River by John Ruskin, illus. Leslie Butler & Tom Kerr. 1946, 111pp.

(* Images from various dealers at Abebooks. There is quite a selection of these old titles available.)

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