Thursday, June 25, 2009

Phantom Patrol: final cover art

I can't resist cross-posting this. I've just posted the final wraparound cover art for The Phantom Patrol on the Bear Alley Books website. Things may have seemed a little slow-moving but the site is starting to look a little more colourful than it was when we launched on the 12th. There's a new logo and banner for starters, courtesy of graphic designer Mark Bonsor, and hopefully we'll have some more features up and running in the next few days.

I'm damn sure the above image will wing its way around the web in no time at all—and you have my blessing. While you're doing that, maybe you could grab this one and post it in a few days, once I've got the ordering information on the site up and running.

(* artwork © Bear Alley Books; Phantom Patrol © IPC Media.)


  1. I can't resist too, from double-posting my comment on the cover art. :)

    Wonderfully colored with a classical touch. No wonders Chris is rated so high on your reviews. He seems to be the master of the long lost British Art-style.

    Thanks much for sharing Steve. Looking forward to see it on print. And in case if I forgot to tell you on my other comment, the new Bear Alley Books Logo is real cool.... the strokes on the Alley, reminds me a Wolverine touch :). But I believe here it means alley lanes... is it ?


    P.S.: Also, thanks much for adding my humble site in your rolling news section Steve. It means a lot to come out from a comics historian of your nature.

  2. You could see the slashes in the logo as claw marks if you're more violently inclined. It's open to interpretation, obviously. I just wanted something with a bit of movement. I originally posted that I could do with a "snazzy" logo and someone (thanks, John) pointed me to an online definition of snazzy: "fashionably and often flashily smart or elegant". I think the logo lives up to that description.

  3. Wolverine touch was immediately onto mind, due to the recent influx of Origin movie on theater :)...

    Now, I see that more than slashes, it is a Flash which forms part of the logo. As you said Steve, The logo does have a classic touch on its own. Congrats.



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