Saturday, June 20, 2009

James Bond cover gallery

After the recent Modesty Blaise cover gallery, it's time to turn to James Bond. Back in 1987, Titan began reprinting the Bond newspaper strip from the Daily Express but only managed four titles before the series ground to a halt. Not so the latest series which looks like it will achieve its goal of putting all the Bond strips back in print.

Truth be told, I still prefer the earlier versions with their fully painted covers.

(* James Bond comic strip (c) Express Newspapers Ltd.)

1 comment:

  1. Steve,

    Incredibly drawn cover art with a style of its own.... But the recent series has a pretty average cover art with just an image picked up from the strip, with white background forming all more the presence.... Modesty covers at least have different color shades.

    But at least, the new series is continuing still.... I am looking forward for the next issue. Own all the ones released so far in both Modesty & Bond series :).




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