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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Laurence Houghton

One of the many unknown names who contributed to British comics, Laurence Houghton was probably better known as an illustrator—although nowadays he's equally obscure in that field, too. A shame, because he was an excellent artist. He contributed to Swift Annual, Schoolgirls Picture Library and Princess Picture Library, and contributed to both Girl (1962-64) and Princess (1962-67).

Beyond his contributions to Everybody's (and almost certainly various women's papers), little else is known about his career. I mentioned him to David Roach who recalls that he also did covers for Mills & Boon.

Despite a long search for Houghton, the only plausible suspect is one Laurence John C. Houghton, born at Hitching on 24 August 1913, who lived for many years at 49 Argyle Road, London W.13 [1951/84] and died in 1988, aged 74. Unfortunately, I've no way of confirming.

(* Illustrations (c) IPC Media. The last, piece of original artwork from the strip "Castle in the Mist" (Princess), recently appeared on eBay.)


ala3letter said...

I found your very informative blog by researching the Mills & Boon #694 cover illustration signed "L. Houghton" on the lower left corner....

Yours, etc...


Melissa said...

Hello! I just want say thank you for some kind of information sense back in 2008 when I was in Brighton, England; I bought a Houghton Mills & Boon illustration and have been looking for information on the artist ever since.

He's a hard man to nail down, so this is something special for me. Now I looking for possible traces of a book that had my art on it. Thanks!