Tuesday, February 10, 2009

TV Mini-Book

(* Reposted from 1 June 2007 as I've managed to add some more illustrations.)

I'm not sure when and how many of these appeared -- presumably they were advertised in TV Comic but I don't have access to a run of that paper. I believe Sooty started appearing in 1954 so I'm guessing the books date from around that period.

T.V. Mini-Comic
1 Mills, Annette, Seven Muffin Adventures, illus. Neville Main.
3 Mills, Annette, Prudence Kitten Adventures, illus. Spike (Cyril Price). (uncertain)
4 Hearne, Richard, Mr. Pastry's Sportsday, illus. Lunt Roberts.
5 Beaman, Mrs. S. G. Hulme, Larry the Lamb and the Toy Town Flier.
6 Mills, Annette, Adventures of Muffin the Mule, illus. Neville Main.
7 Corbett, Harry, Sooty and his Magic, illus. Tony Hart.
8 Mills, Annette, Muffin the Mule, illus. Neville Main.
9 Mills, Annette, Prudence Kitten and Puffer Dog, illus. Murdoch and Phillips.
10 Corbett, Harry, Sooty Makes Magic, illus. Tony Hart.
11 Anon., Mr Peregrine and the Twins Esk and Moe.
12 (Author?), Muffin the Mule.

(* Cover images have been grabbed from around the web, cleaned up the best I can manage. If anyone can fill in the gaps or supply any better scans I'd love to see them.)

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