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Children's Newspaper Authors

The Children's Newspaper ran from 22 March 1919 to 1 May 1965, a total of 2397 issues. Over its 46-year history, it published dozens of original stories and serials, as well as reprinted classics such as Robinson Crusoe, Don Quixote, Westward Ho!, The Count of Monte Cristo, David Copperfield, Gulliver's Travels, Pinocchio, etc. The following list covers only the authors of text stories and serials

Joy Adamson (Wikipedia)
Harold Avery (Wikipedia)
Robert Bateman
Christopher Beck (see T. C. Bridges)
Cyrano de Bergerac (Wikipedia)
Karen Blixen (Wikipedia)
T. C. Bridges
Bernagh Brims
Vernon Bruce
Anthony Buckeridge (Wikipedia)
Peter Buckley
Norah Burke
Sheila Burnford (Wikipedia)
Mary Carruthers
Arthur Catherall
Miguel de Cervantes (Wikipedia)
Adelbert von Chamisso (Wikipedia)
Geoffrey Chelsworth
Henri Chosalle
Martin Cobb
Carlo Collodi (Wikipedia)
James Fenimore Cooper (Wikipedia)
Jim Corbett (Wikipedia)
Scott Corbett (Wikipedia)
Frank Crisp
Peter Dawlish (see James Lennox Kerr)
Daniel Defoe (Wikipedia)
Charles Dickens (Wikipedia)
Gerald Durrell (Wikipedia)
Alexander Dumas [Alexandre Dumas, nee Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie] (Wikipedia)
Monica Edwards (Wikipedia)
George Herbert Ely (Wikipedia under Herbert Strang)
Sid Fleischman [Albert Sidney Fleischman] (Wikipedia)
Stephen Foot
Bertha Fry
Leonora Fry (see Bertha Fry)
Arthur Gaunt
Tom Gifford
D. M. Gill
[Major] Charles Gilson
George Goodchild
Gunby Hadath
John Halden (see Maude Meagher)
Thor Heyerdahl (Wikipedia)
Garry Hogg (Wikipedia)
Geoffrey Household (Wikipedia)
Washington Irving (Wikipedia)
James Lennox Kerr (Wikipedia)
Charles Kingsley (Wikipedia)
Gilbert C. Klingel (Wikipedia)
Patricia Leitch (Wikipedia)
Bertha Leonard (see Bertha Fry)
James L'Estrange (Wikipedia under Herbert Strang)
William MacMillan
D. G. Martin (?see D. M. Gill?)
Laurence Maynell
Maude Meagher (Wikipedia)
Geoffrey Morgan
W. H. Morris
John Mowbray (see Gunby Hadath)
Arthur Nettleton (see Arthur Gaunt)
Richard Ogle
Katherine Oldmeadow
Richard Parker
Frank S. Pepper
Francis Pitt
Patrick Pringle
John Pudney
Charles Reade (Wikipedia)
Marjory Royce
Malcolm Saville (Wikipedia)
James Stagg
Herbert Strang (see George Herbert Ely & James L'Estrange) (Wikipedia)
Jonathan Swift (Wikipedia)
Geoffrey Trease (Wikipedia)
Selsey Walters
Constance M. White
Henry Williamson (Wikipedia)
Edward Wright

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