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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Comic Cuts

Everybody's off enjoying themselves in Bristol and here am I working. Thought I'd take a break and see if anyone has posted the Eagle Awards results yet. No sign of them but I did find a few other things...

* "Interview with David Fickling, saviour of the great British comic" is the headline for Tom Gatti's interview with, er, David Fickling ("the legendary children's publisher ... his career has been remarkable") in The Times (10 May 2008). We shall just have to wait and see.

* There's an exhibition of David Low cartoons at the Political Gallery, 32 Store Street, London WC1E 7BS, who have released Low and the Dictators by Dr Timothy S. Benson, reviewed here in the Socialist Worker (29 April 2008). An essay by Benson on Low can be found at the Political Cartoon Society website. The Low exhibition runs until 14 June 2008.

* Kev F. Sutherland has been to Gosport to entertain the kids, as reported in the Portsmouth News (8 May 2008)

* The stupidest bit of trivia I learned today (so far): The Snap, Crackle & Pop characters who advertise Rice Krispies first appeared in comic strips on the backs of packs in the 1940s.

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