Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bond... James Bond cover gallery

As today is the centenary of Ian Fleming's birth and the official release date for Sebastian Faulks new James Bond novel, Devil May Care, I thought it was a good time to look back at the original novels by Ian Fleming.

Painted Covers

Pan 333, 1955. Cover by Roger Hall.
Pan G198, 1959. Cover by Sam Peffer.
Pan G198, 1961.
Pan G198, 1962; 1963. (same as above)

Pan GP83, 1957. Cover by Rex Archer.
Pan GP83, 1961.
Pan X233, 1963. (same as above)

Pan 392, 1956. Cover by Josh Kirby.
Pan G216, 1959. Cover by
Sam Peffer.
Pan G216, 1961.
Pan X234, 1963. (same as above)

Pan G101, 1958. Cover by Rex Archer.
Pan G101, 1961.
Pan G101, 1963. (same as above)

Pan G229, 1959. Cover by Sam Peffer.
Pan G229, 1961.
Pan G229, 1962. (same as above)

Pan G335, 1960. Cover by Sam Peffer.
Pan G335, 1961. Cover by Sam Peffer.
Pan G335, 1962. (same as above)

Pan G455, 1961. Cover by Pat Owen.
Pan X238, 1963. (same as above)

Pan G551, 1962. Cover by J. Oval.
Pan X239, 1963. (same as above)

1st Series livery [ 1963]

Pan X232, 1963.

Pan X233, 1963.

Pan X234, 1963.

Pan X235, 1963.

Pan X236, 1963.

Pan X237, 1963.

Pan X238, 1963.

Pan X239, 1963.

Pan X201, 1963.
Pan X240, 1963.

Pan X653, 1967.

Pan X350, 1965.

Pan X434, 1966.

Pan X527, 1968.

Pan X 02081-1, 1967.

Movie Tie-Ins

Pan G335, 1962.

Pan X236, 1963.

Pan X238, 1964.

Pan X201, 1965.

Pan X434, 1966.

Pan X232, 1967.

Pan 10350-4, 1969.

Pan 10235-4, 1971.

Pan 10233, 1973.

Pan 10573-2, 1974.

As our gallery is intended to cover Ian Fleming novels only, I'm including the following... the new novel is rather oddly credited on the cover as "by Sebastian Faulks writing as Ian Fleming".

Why on earth they've decided to use this rather bizarre byline I've no idea. Is Ian Fleming now to be considered the pen-name of Sebastian Faulks? Why would Eon want to diminish the Ian Fleming brand in such a way on his centenary? Technically there is a new Ian Fleming book just about to hit the shelves, an omnibus collection of all the James Bond short stories called Quantum of Solace which will reprint the stories from For Your Eyes Only and Octopussy along with '007 in New York' which has been added to editions of Octopussy and The Living Daylights (the original title of the collection) since 2002. It originally appeared in the New York Herald Tribune back in October 1963 and might have been missed by quite a few Bond fans in the UK unless they picked up the 2004 edition of the collection.

(* I ran out of scanning time so I had to grab a few images from the Pan Collector's Website.)


  1. Steve --

    Thanks for this great post. I absolutely love these retro-covers. They give a great fell to the series.

  2. I find the vigorous art of the earlier covers, from the '50s and early '60s, much more appealing than the later designs. Is this just me, or would a poll of readers reach a similar conclusion?

    Fiction today tends to come with design rather than illustration dominating on its covers. The only series I can think of where it doesn't is Robert Hale's Black Horse Westerns!

  3. Hi Steve

    I assume that the "writing as Ian Fleming" by-line for Sebastian Faulks Bond novel means that he's writing it in the style of Fleming; certainly, a friend of mine who's currently reading Devil May Care says the writing style is very Flemingesque.

    David Simpson

  4. I presume that's what they mean, too, but it's not a very good way of putting it. Invariably, "writing as" means pseudonym to the bibliographer, usually after an author as been 'busted' -- thus "Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman" or "Ian Rankin writing as Jack Harvey" or "Ruth Rendell writing as Barbara Vine".

    The byline nags at me because, from a bibliographic standpoint, if Sebastian Faulks is indeed "writing as Ian Fleming" there's no other course than to consider Fleming a house pseudonym, used primarily by Ian Fleming himself, or Faulks as a very publicly acknowledged ghost writer.

    The book itself has been very well reviewed and has sold 44,000 copies in 4 days according to Ian Fleming Publications Ltd.

  5. These are only the collection from Pan other publishers had done versions of the Bond novels too.



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