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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Comic Cuts

I'm still busy with the science fiction art book that I started on last week and will be for the next few weeks. Actually, I'm only doing about 40% of it and someone else is doing the rest which is why I'm talking weeks rather than months of work. Handy as a few weeks is all I've got for a deadline and there's a lot of research involved.

In what I laughingly call my "spare time" (not much of that recently) I've been digging around in old records for more on Philip Richards and, with John Adcock of Yesterday's Papers, have discovered information on a number of stories he wrote. I've updated the piece I wrote on Richards to incorporate the new info.

Here are a few bits of news I've stumbled across...

* If you want to see a copy of the Frank Bellamy's Robin Hood book before purchasing, Accent UK are going to have copies available at the Comic Expo in Bristol on the 10th/11th and at the Komiks DK Festival in Copenhagen on 31 May/1 June. Accent are also releasing their latest themed anthology at the shows, Robots—a 204-page collection featuring a host of new and emerging comic talents.

* Frank Hampson's final two Dan Dare pages (Eagle, vol.10 no.27, 22 August 1959) have been reunited by collector Terry Doyle who recently purchased the second page. Any excuse to show off that first page which has to be one of the finest ever published in a British comic. You can see a gallery of some of Terry's collection here.

* Back in 1995, Alan Moore was invited to write a series of cards as a giveaway for the MTV Awards. These cards—entitled Outbreak of Violets—now sell for phenomenal money on eBay when they turn up, which is rare. But if you want to see them, they can now be found here. (The original scans came from Rich Johnston's Lying in the Gutters column which also has a link to a few pages of Moore's artwork for the BJ and the Bear annual.)

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