Sunday, August 19, 2007

Comic Clippings - August

It's coming up for Annuals season again so I'm wondering whether anyone out there has access to The Bookseller's best-sellers charts or UK sales data from Nielsen BookScan? Let me know off-list (my e-mail address is over there on the right) if you think you can help.

* Alan Grant and Cam Kennedy are producing a follow-up to their recent adaptation of Kidnapped. According to Mike Wade of The Times (17 August) they are currently working on another Robert Louis Stevenson classic, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde.

* Chelsea football club is to be visited by Dennis the Menace. In 'Terry shares top billing with cartoon legend', Alyson Rudd reveals: "It used to be that the rich and famous knew they had made it when they appeared in latex form on Spitting Image. Today's barometer is cartoons and John Terry, the Chelsea captain, can relax; he has shared a strip with Dennis the Menace and was so flattered he gave The Beano an exclusive interview in return."

* Steve Flanagan pays tribute to Mytek the Mighty at Gad, Sir! Comics!

* Part 1 of an interview with Paul Gravett appears at The Daily Cross Hatch (link via Journalista).

* 'Comics aren't just read by nerds'. Christopher Taylor reviews Reading Comics: How Graphic Novels Work and What They Mean by Douglas Wolk (Daily Telegraph, 9 August).

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