Saturday, August 11, 2007

Comic Clippings - 11 August

* Garth, the old Daily Mirror strip looks like it's set to return Christmas 2007 according to the above advert. It would seem to be the product of Hayena Studios who are a two-man London & Japan-based design consultancy. A second web address ( has been registered by the artist of the above image.

* Hibernia Books are to reprint a collection of 'The Thirteenth Floor' strips from Scream!. The collection (a follow-up to their Doomlord book) will contain the first 11 episodes, drawn by Jose Ortiz, plus an introduction by co-author John Wagner, an article on Scream! and a stripography of 'The Thirteenth Floor' strip. The whole package will run to 54 pages, priced £4.50. More details can be found at the Down the Tubes blog.

* In 'For you, reader, the war is just beginning' (Daily Telegraph, 11 August), James Delingpole talks briefly to Jonathan Goodman of Carlton Books who reveals that the repackaged editions of Commando were one of the biggest hits in bookshops last Christmas, selling well into six figures.

* One-time 'Luck of the Legion' artist Martin Aitchison has an exhibition of artwork from his years working for Ladybird Books at Newby Hall, near Ripon, N. Yorkshire which runs to 2 September.

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