Friday, May 11, 2007

Patricia Hubbard

Just a quick one for tonight...

Patricia Hubbard was listed as an illustrator in Robin Annual 1 and 2 (1953-54) and as a writer in the latter, presumably illustrating an article or feature she also drew. I've not found anything else by her bar one book she may have illustrated. This was a children's book, The Royal Secret of Brockwood by Anthony Corfield (Redmarley D'Abitot, Gloucestershire, Portico D'Abitot Press, 1988), a slim, 32-page volume described by an eBay seller as "a happy tale about Bertie Brock, a lazy but friendly young badger. Threatened with the loss of his tiny, ramshackle cottage, he decides to have a good spring-clean. his work is rewarded by an exciting discovery which sets the village abuzz. Patricia Hubbard's beautiful illustrations provide the basis for this imaginative story."

Library records list the artist as being born in 1934.

(The picture comes from Stella & Rose's Books who have a couple of copies of the book in stock.)

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