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Commando 5751-5754

issues 5751-5754 are on sale from today, Thursday 23rd May, 2024! Featuring World War I dispatch riders in peril, a mad RAF pilot in a low-flying Lanc, RAF Rescue action at seas, and Ramsey’s Raiders in a Flakpanzer!

5751: Ride For Your Life!

It was a dangerous job being a dispatch rider during World War I — and didn’t Corporal Gareth Batley know it! He and his partner were delivering messages when they found themselves caught up in a massive German offensive on the British line. Well, if Batley wants to survive, he better move fast and ride for his life!

Motorcycle chases, marauding Stormtroopers, and a race against death itself — all in Andrew Knighton’s rip-roaring World War I Issue 5751 ‘Ride For Your Life’! With gritty interiors from Vicente Alcazar and an exciting cover from newcomer cover artist Marco Bianchini!

Story: Andrew Knighton
Art: Vicente Alcazar
Cover: Marco Bianchini

5752: Hail of Steel

They said that Lancaster pilot Geoff Shaw didn’t need a navigator. He flew so low that his scared crew could see the road signs. You see, Geoff had wanted a sleek Spitfire, but he’d got a lumbering bomber instead. So now he worked off his rage by handling the Lanc like a fast fighter — hitting the Nazis hard and scaring the crew rigid.
Geoff just grinned when they warned him he was heading for a crash — until the night he had to fly back over the Alps in his badly shot-up Lanc...

Issue 5752 is a classic Commando if there ever was one! Featuring Brunt’s RAF maverick pilot who learns the error of his ways, brought to life by Mira’s amazing interiors and a stunning Ian Kennedy cover!

Story: Brunt
Art: Mira
Cover: Ian Kennedy
First Published 1970 as Issue 459

5753: Ramsey’s Raiders: Flakpanzer!

September 1944. Captain Jimmy Ramsey and his special band of elite raiders were on recce patrol when they stumbled across a new German toy — an unusual kind of Flakpanzer that could pack a heck of wallop to the advancing British! After seeing the beast of a machine in action, the SERF team reckoned this was one prize worth keeping for the boffins back at HQ!
But the Raiders were going to have a tough time keeping it because the SS wanted their Flakpanzer back, and they were going to fight to get it!

Ferg Handley’s rag-tag group of raiders is back for an adventure like no other. In this story, Handley has Carlos Pino illustrating Captain Jimmy Ramsey ditching the jeep for an enemy vehicle and who’s driving it may surprise you!

Story: Ferg Handley
Art: Carlos Pino
Cover: Carlos Pino

5754: Rescue Patrol

Life for Bob Wallis, a sailor aboard one of the many rescue launches that scoured the seas searching for ditched airmen, was never easy. And now, as the vessel approached one of the special rescue floats, the crew tensed, for they had no idea who would be sheltering inside it — British or German.
But one thing was for certain, the war was going to change dramatically for Bob over the next few minutes!

Silver-era Commando incoming! Bill Fear’s tale of heroism is masterfully illustrated by Salmeron, with Jeff Bevan’s naval cover showing us why he was famous for them!

Story: Bill Fear
Art: Salmeron
Cover: Jeff Bevan
First Published 1982 as Issue 1597

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