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Commando 5747-5750

issues 5747-5750 are on sale from today, Thursday 9th May, 2024! With World War I aircraft action, RAF mavericks, MPs herding criminals in World War Two, and a foray into the Napoleonic War!

5747: The Deadly Sun

Ever since Martin Connors was a boy, he had admired the sun. Now, in 1918, as its burning rays shone down on him flying high over the desert in his Sopwith Camel, his admiration turned to hatred. For the deadly sun blinded him, and out of its light, coming directly at Martin, was a German plane flown by an ace who had already killed three other British pilots!
    Dominic Teague’s scorching-hot Commando story is about racing against the sun — and the odds to survive in the desert! Esteve Polls’ artwork beams even in black and white, and Keith Burns’ artwork shines!

Story: Dominic Teague
Art: Esteve Polls
Cover: Keith Burns

5748: Dawn Strike

What do you do when you want a Spitfire as badly as Pilot Officer Tim Mitcham?
    A short and sweet blurb to a red-hot classic commando issue from the end of the 1960s! With Clegg on story, Amador on interiors and Sanfeliz on cover — there nothing more to say!

Story: Clegg
Art: Amador
Cover: Sanfeliz
First Published 1969 as Issue 433

5749: Treachery and Treasure

Wellington’s Riflemen are back in another adventure, this time in September 1813, in the Spanish Pyrenees. After their courage at the Siege of Badajoz, the newly-dubbed “Valiant Stormers” are sent on a mission to retrieve treasure stolen by the French! In their pursuit of the purloined fortunes, our heroes Tom Hopper, Samuel Jones and Maria Vitoria will have to work with an old enemy!
But they will have to watch their backs, for when you work with turncoats there is danger around every corner!
    Writer Andrew Knighton’s Napoleonic series returns in its fifth issue! With remarkable artwork from Manuel Benet on interiors and cover, you’ll TREASURE this issue!

Story: Andrew Knighton
Art: Manuel Benet
Cover: Manuel Benet

5750: The Fighting Fugitives

They were twelve convicted criminals destined for the glasshouse, with only one military police sergeant and a naval petty officer to look after them on the dangerous trek through enemy territory.
Some hoped they could make a break for it and escape their punishment, others realised it could be their chance to show that they were first-class fighting men. And one even hoped that it might in some way prove their innocence!
    Issue 5750 ‘The Fighting Fugitives’ features the unmistakable art from two legendary Commando artists, Philpott and Jeff Bevan — what an issue!

Story: Staff
Art: Philpott
Cover: Jeff Bevan
First Published 1982 as Issue 1581

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