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Commando 5731-5734

Commando Issues 5731-5734 are on sale from today, Thursday 14th March, 2024!

5731: Leg Before Chindits

Major Charles Beevor thought his hope was all out as he led a depleted group of Chindits deep into the jungles of Burma. Surrounded by the Japanese and cut off from British lines, only the support of Subedar Singh and their mutual love of cricket could save the day. Together, they were out for six and would not stop until the Japanese threat was bowled over!

Cricket puns ahoy! Troy Martin bowls us over in his writing debut for his first Commando about Chindits in Burma. Marc Viure returns to work on interior artwork in his second-ever Commando and Keith Burns is on top form for covers!

Story: T Martin
Art: Marc Viure
Cover: Keith Burns

5732: Hide and Seek

They called it “Monte Morte”— Mountain of Death. Dark and brooding, its mighty bulk towered over the plains of central Italy. It had claimed many lives over the years of peacetime, but that was nothing to what was to happen on its slopes when war came.
And two men — one British, one Italian — joined forces to fight on this savage mountain against a common foe — Nazis! This is their brave story...

A powerhouse trio of contributors feature in issue 5732 Hide and Seek, with the prolific CG Walker on story, J Fuente, one of the legendary Fuente brothers, on interior artwork, and the issue is graced by an instantly recognisable cover by Jordi Penalva.

Story: CG Walker
Art: J Fuente
Cover: Penalva
First Published 1970 as Issue 505

5733: Magic Moment

Egypt, 1942. While the battle for El Alamein raged, two magicians were locked in a battle of wits. On opposite sides of the war, they had been tasked with acts of deception — fooling the enemy with magical feats of misdirection.
And now it was time for their next illusion… but which one of them would pull off the biggest magic trick of the Second World War?!

This issue was inspired by true events of misdirection employed in the Desert War of World War Two, and Rossa McPhillips casts an enchanting spell in yet another of his stories. Juan Fernandez makes his debut on interior artwork, bringing a flare for the dramatic in his first-ever Commando!

Story: Rossa McPhillips
Art: Juan Fernandez
Cover: Alejandro Perez Mesa

5734: Fighting Fool!

As a member of a group of hit-and-run raiders operating behind enemy lines, Corporal Mike Braddon knew a man needed strong nerves and raw courage to survive.
But he also had the common sense to realise that charging blindly into battle wasn’t the answer. That’s where he disagreed with Private Joe Russel whose bull-at-the-gate attitude marked him down as a fighting fool — and a danger to all!

Classic Commando adventures aplenty in issue 5734, with two men at odds and one being deemed a coward! Jeff Bevan and Philpott shine on interiors and cover duties but will McDevitt’s story work out in the end? Read it to find out!

Story: McDevitt
Art: Philpott
Cover: Jeff Bevan
First Published 1981 as Issue 1566

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