Friday, March 08, 2024

Comic Cuts – 8 March 2024

Finally, I can announce a release date for Beyond the Void: The Remarkable History of Badger Books which will be available from 25 March. I've picked that date because the day before, Sunday, 24 March, is the Paperback & Pulp Book Fair at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury in Coram Street, London. The fair sits alongside the Bloomsbury Ephemera Fair, so there will be something for everyone to browse through.

I need to get an idea how many copies I need to print, ready for the Book Fair – my back will only take so much strain as I'll be travelling up by train – and for launch day. In order to get some pre-orders, I have set up a new Bear Alley Books Facebook group to keep people up-to-date with news and to inform people how to pay ... it's by PayPal.

Incidentally, I have finally figured out why the buttons on the Bear Alley Books web page still work but I can't generate new ones. It's not Google or Blogger that's the problem, as I thought, but PayPal itself, who changed their nice and easy to use button set-up so you now have to sign up to a developer and sandbox system before  you can generate any buttons. Being an occasional user of said buttons, I must have missed the memo informing me of the new requirements, and I've only just – Thursday morning, some three years on – learned about it. I might explore further as I like the buttons (click, pay, that's it). But as with all things new, I'm a bit nervous!

At the time of writing – it's 7 o'clock on Thursday evening – the Bear Alley FB group has 68 members! I've had three orders for books, although no money has come through yet, so I can't call them sales. I'll be keeping a close eye on the group over the weekend as I'm here on my own (Mel is off at a convention).

The price for the book is £21.99 plus p&p – it's 172 pages full colour but I'm keeping the price as low as I can. If you pre-order you can get 10% off the cover price, so the total is £23.99 including p&p in the UK. If you take up the hand delivery at the Book Fair offer, it still counts as a pre-order, and costs £19.80. Drop me a line at the email address at the top left (below the photo) and I'll point you at my Paypal account.

The only other news worth mentioning is that the essays for the latest Forgotten Authors volume are done and I've just started working on the index. They take ages and I'm trying to promote the Beyond the Void book at the moment, but I'll have more news on that next week.

We're up to 72 members and I've just received by first SALE! I'm off to make dinner and watch some TV.

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