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Commando 5715-5718

Commando Issues 5715 – 5718 go on sale today, Thursday 18th January, 2024!

5715: Steer into Danger

The salty seadogs are back for another oceanic adventure in the Pacific! In mid-December 1943, the Japanese sent a cruiser squadron south to wreak havoc amongst the Allied shipping lanes. But they never counted on the experienced skippers of HMAS Tiger and HMAS Wombat to put a stop to them before too much damage was done! Three cruisers pack a heck of a punch, though, and the Aussie buccaneers will need all the luck they can muster to come out of it alive — especially when one of the ships has a man at the wheel who is afraid to fight!
    Commando Issue 5715 ‘Steer into Danger’ is another episode in Aussie writer Brent Towns’ series about the crews of HMAS Wombat and HMAS Tiger — the renegades from Down Under! With Esteve Poll’s amazing artwork and yet another stunning Keith Burns cover to top it off!

Story | Brent Towns
Art | Esteve Polls
Cover | Keith Burns

5716: Wear a Nazi Helmet

Only three men were left alive in a dug-out on the British front line in Italy, Lieutenant John Regan, his wounded batman and a captured German officer. Nazi soldiers were swarming forward to smash through this weak point. John had no men left to repel them, but he still had one desperate remedy. As the Germans charged towards him, he slowly lifted his field telephone...
    Issue 5716 ‘Wear a Nazi Helmet’ is a prototype for what makes up a classic Commando. Allan’s well-crafted story about brothers in arms turned enemies by a misunderstanding is wonderfully illustrated by Aguilar’s artwork. Jordi Penalva is on top form with his standout cover with a British soldier wearing a Nazi helmet!

Story | Allan
Art | Aguilar
Cover | Penalva
First Published 1970 as Issue 507

5717: Allies at War

They were once allies — Britain and France. The two nations’ men stood together, united against the Nazi threat. But everything changed when France was overrun, and Prime Minister Winston Churchill ordered the unthinkable — attack Mers-el-Kebir and sink the French Navy’s ships.
Two men were caught in the middle — one British, one French. Two men who had once fought together and now fought each other. They were… Allies at War!
    Commando 5717 features a debut, as brand-new artist Alejandro Perez Mesa joins the ranks of Commando on cover duty! Returning to Commando is Rossa McPhillips, the writer of this hard-hitting piece about men caught on either side of the war. And let’s not forget Paolo Ongaro who always delivers on interior artwork!

Story | Rossa McPhillips
Art | Paolo Ongaro
Cover | Alejandro Perez Mesa

5718: The Line-shooter

 Flying Officer Hubert Shank seemed to be a daring, resourceful character. He’d done everything from motor racing to smuggling... or so he said. So when he and his crew had to force-land their Whitley in Germany, you could bet Hubert would have a few tricks up his sleeve to aid their escape... if his stories were to be believed, that was!
    And the final issue in this set is an RAF romp by RA Montague with artwork from legendary British comics artists John Ridgway and Jeff Bevan! This issue is so good, it has to be seen to be believed!

Story | RA Montague
Art | John Ridgway
Cover | Jeff Bevan
First Published 1981 as Issue 1565

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