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Commando 5711-5714

Happy New Year from Commando with Issues 5711 – 5714 – which go on sale Thursday 4th January, 2024!

5711: 3 Company

In the midst of the ‘Miracle of Dunkirk’, fate throws together three strangers — a soldier, a sailor and a pilot. Surrounded by chaos and tragedy, and each having miraculously survived up until now, the three men point the finger at each other’s branch of the British armed forces for the deaths of their comrades. But with the Germans closing in, the unlikely trio soon realise they must put aside their differences if they are to have a chance of escaping the enemy.
    Is it too late for the newly‑formed 3 Company or is there time for one more miracle?
    Kicking of the year strong with Commando Issue 5711! Writer Frank Buhagiar’s story is set among the chaos and upheaval at Dunkirk with three men blaming each other! But can they get along when it matters? Vicente Alcazar and Keith Burns perform their art duties in style in this issue!

Story | Frank Buhagiar
Art | Vicente Alcazar
Cover | Keith Burns

5712: The Desperate Men

Cut off far behind enemy lines, you’re fighting to get back to your own troops. For food and ammunition you have to rely on what you can steal, and for transport — well, it’s your own aching feet, for mile after weary mile. Of course, you could always steal a car from the nearest enemy headquarters just by walking up to the door and driving it away. Sound risky? It’s all part of the game if you’re one of the desperate men.
    A classic Commando if ever there was one is Issue 5712 ‘The Desperate Men’, first printed in August 1970. Our trio of contributors are on top form with the inspirational team of Leach on story, Victor de la Fuente on interior artwork, and Jordi Penalva on cover duty!

Story | Leach
Art | V Fuente
Cover | Penalva
First Published 1970 as Issue 496

5713: Renegade Avenger

Ken Barrington’s father was disgraced out of the Boer War and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree as Ken’s fiery temper ruins any plans of officer training at Sandhurst. When The Great War breaks out, Ken has no choice but to take the King’s shilling and sign up as a private, working his way up the ranks with steely determination and unshaken bravery. But when his CO is the son of the man who shamed his father, Ken’s hopes of promotion turn to bitterness as the renegade seeks out the German officer responsible for his father’s shame.
    Suresh pens a gritty story about the son of a disgraced officer from the Boer War determined to restore honour to his family's name. Yes, he was going to avenge his father no matter how much of a renegade he had to be along the way! Brand-new artist Marc Viure makes his debut on interiors for this Commando, with a blood-red cover by Staz Johnson!

Story | Suresh
Art | Marc Viure
Cover | Staz Johnson

5714: Rocket Raider

As the German train emerged from the tunnel, Gaston LeClare pressed the firing button on the weapon he had spent so long developing, and the special rocket flew on its way. Two seconds later, the locomotive was in a thousand pieces and the train was wrecked.
    The Nazis were totally bewildered by these terrifying attacks and had no idea who was responsible. The mysterious rocket raider had struck many times already and they knew it would not be long before he struck again.
    An off-beat Commando from the master of such writing — CG Walker. Yes, it wouldn’t be a CG Walker issue if there weren’t twists and turns and strings of stories that link up in the end! And what a story! Brought to life by Carmona’s amazing artwork and a cover by the legendary Ian Kennedy!

Story | CG Walker
Art | Carmona
Cover | Ian Kennedy
First Published 1980 as Issue 1464

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