Thursday, March 16, 2023

Commando 5627-5630

goes all out in this red-hot set of action and adventure! From SAS battle buggies to Royal Navy gunners, secret saboteurs, and the Inferno Bowl at Monte Cassino — Commandos #5627-5630 are out today, Thursday 16th March!

5627: Blitz Buggy

Libya, 1942. Two unlucky blokes in one car were trying to escape the enemy advancing across the desert. Only this car was a converted Ford Station Wagon with Vickers machine guns and a Boys Anti-tank rifle — the enemy had never seen anything like it!
Well, the news of this wild set of wheels started a chain reaction and rumours spread of a general touring the desert in his souped-up supercar. Now the Germans were determined to nail this wretched wagon — much to the woe of the two Brits inside it!

Inspired by true events, Handley’s tale brings history to life with two bickering blockheads stealing the spotlight. Neil Robert’s cracker of a cover is sure to stand out in any collection as well.

Story | Ferg Handley
Art| Salvatore Pezone
Cover | Neil Roberts

5628: Soldiers At Sea

Two Bren gunners who had never been to sea in their lives. They were soldiers, not sailors. Yet they went to sea, fought the enemy at sea, were shipwrecked and taken prisoner at sea, and now found themselves working in the stokehold of a German-held ship, awaiting a bullet in the back from an Oberleutnant of the Kriegsmarine.

A gritty yarn from McLean with Golden Era Commando royalty Fleming and Ian Kennedy on art duties, this 1970s comic is full of nostalgia for many readers.

Story | McLean
Art | Fleming
Cover | Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 950 (1975).

5629: The Inferno Bowl

Monte Cassino. The bulwark of the Gustav line stopped the Allied Advance in its tracks. The fighting there saw some of the bloodiest clashes of the Second World War. But even in the white heat of battle, some engagements created their own mystique. One such was called “The Inferno Bowl”. This is the story of how three men of the RAF Regiment faced hell in that wretched place.

Following the infamous battle at Monte Cassino’s Inferno Bowl, Hume’s story focuses on friends in the RAF Regiment and the path they forge that leads them to that fateful battleground. What’s more, Venetian artist Paolo Ongaro’s stylish interiors lend themselves to the setting, bringing authenticity to the landscapes of his home.

Story | Stephen Hume
Art | Paolo Ongaro
Cover | Mark Harris

5630: War of the Fox

Who was the silent saboteur who struck swiftly and effectively against the German occupiers and proved as much of a headache to the carefully organised French Resistance as he did to the local Nazi officer?
He was known as The Fox, but soon he would be tamed. His one-man war would become very different… and even more dangerous.

A delightful romp from Roger Sanderson, this ‘Fox’ may think he is cunning, but his escapades only lead to misadventures and more action!

Story | Roger Sanderson
Art | Salmeron
Cover | Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 1429 (1980).

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