Thursday, January 19, 2023

Commando 5611-5614

Men riding torpedoes, a doggy war hero, vengeance in Vietnam, and a truce hanging by a thread off of a cliff! All this in Commando issues 5611-5614 are out today, Thursday 19th January, 2023!

5611: Free Strike

In the dense jungles of Vietnam, just after the infamous Tet Offensive, Sergeant Donnie Michaels leads an elite team with their new Kit Carson scout —codename “Monty”. But as they're led into ambush after ambush, tensions are running high, and Donnie doesn't know whom he can trust anymore!
This blinding issue is a classic Commando in the making – featuring the oppressive jungle brought to life by Vicente Alcazar alongside a tense, gritty story by R Tate, what more could you want?!

Story | R Tate
Art| Vicente Alcazar
Cover | Mark Harris

5612: Wagger’s War

How about this little chap for a war hero then? Don’t let his looks fool you... this scruffy mongrel had more adventures than most soldiers ever did, and if medals had been given to dogs, he’d have won a whole row of them!

This Commando from 1977 is a firm favourite among fans and it’s easy to see why! CG Walker’s poochie plot is a canine caper and no mistake! With FETCH-ing interiors by Ferreira and Ian Kennedy’s pawesome cover art — this issue will hound you if you miss it!

Story | CG Walker
Art | Ferreira
Cover | Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 1106 (1977).

5613: Operation Precipice

Dick Hammond’s life was hanging by a thread. Above him was Grace Baird, holding on to the sheer face of the cliff for life, and below him was his doom. He would have trusted Grace with his life... if only he hadn’t killed her brother five years before!
Issue 5613 is Mario Morhain’s final Commando issue after he sadly passed away in May, 2022. He was a valued member of Commando, known for his striking interiors. He is sorely missed by all at Commando.

Story | Brent Towns
Art | Morhain
Cover | Neil Roberts

5614: Silent Danger

Out of the murky depths, they came wreaking havoc in Gibraltar harbour, bringing death and destruction to the British Fleet. In silence they appeared... then vanished. They rode on torpedoes, faceless phantoms of the deep!

Issue 5614 is a Commando to be excited about — with a story by Bill Fear featuring underwater knife fights brought to life by legend Gordon C Livingstone, topped off with an Ian Kennedy cover!

Story | Bill Fear
Art | Gordon C Livingstone
Cover | Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 1397 (1980)

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