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Commando 5607-5610

Fleet Air Arm feuds, sulking Superfortress pilots, spooky spectres and sneaky sailors all abound in this set of Commandos — out today!

5607: Combat Air Patrol

Tony Heywood is a talented pilot in the Fleet Air Arm with a feisty attitude — just what his team needs in their air battles against the Japanese. But when observer Bill Downey bails out after Heywood’s heroics get them shot down, Walrus skipper Roddy Baxter fails to pick him up before he runs out of fuel. As Heywood blames Baxter for his friend’s unfortunate death, the pair find themselves fated to work together against Japan’s most deadly special attack force.

This stellar issue marks Esteve Polls’ first of many Commandos. Having worked on several prestigious titles from Edifumetti, Planet, Marvel France to Disney Europe, as well as ‘Mega City Noir’ (2004) for Judge Dredd Magazine, Commando proudly welcomes Polls to the ranks.

Story | Steve Taylor
Art| Esteve Polls
Cover | Keith Burns

5608: Superfort

The B-29 Superfortress was the heaviest aircraft of the Second World War. It was designed for high-altitude bombing and it carried a crew of a dozen men. So what the heck was this one doing dodging around over an enemy airfield at zero feet with only a couple of blokes on board? Well, this wasn’t just any old B-29, this was ‘China Rose’ herself!

Selected by special request from Commando fans, it’s easy to see why this is a readers’ favourite from the ages. A terrifically gritty story quintessential of Alan Hebden, with crisp interiors from Maidagan and an striking cover from John Rideway, this is not a Commando to be missed!

Story | Alan Hebden
Art | Maidagan
Cover | John Ridgeway
Originally Commando No. 1033 (1976).

5609: Finnegan’s Ghost
Sergeant Michael Finnegan was a veteran of the desert war, he and his crew forged in the flames of the scorching sun. But on D-Day +7, his life was shattered as his crew was ruthlessly gunned down by an enemy Panzer while climbing out of their disabled Sherman Firefly tank.
And yet… whispers spread about a ghost wandering the battlefield, as time and time again Finnegan was spotted, hellbent on revenge, searching for the tank that had killed him!

A supernatural story from Brent Towns — or is it? The mystery of Sergeant Michael Finnegan comes to life in Jaume Forn’s artwork and Neil Roberts eerie cover.

Story | Brent Towns
Art | Jaume Forns
Cover | Neil Roberts

5610: Into the Attack
Commanded by Lieutenant Terry Horton, the sleek motor torpedo boat sped into the attack, guns blazing and torpedoes ready to launch at the German convoy ahead.
But he didn’t just have the enemy to contend with, for in this crack flotilla there was another skipper who was doing his best to blacken Terry’s name — and if he didn’t do something about it his career would soon be over!

More stunning artwork from Gordon C Livingstone, and who else on naval cover duty but the maritime master, Jeff Bevan, all contributing to RA Montague’s classic Silver Age story.

Story | RA Montague
Art | Gordon C Livingstone
Cover | Jeff Bevan
Originally Commando No. 1549 (1981)

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