Thursday, November 24, 2022

Commando 5595-5598

Spying subterfuges in Italy, expert hunters-turned-soldiers, vicious vendettas in the trenches and a murderer hiding in the RAF — all in a week for our Commandos! Get yours today.

5595: The Spy in The Mirror

Central Italy, 1944. Corporal Arthur ‘Art’ Gunn limped into a British camp holding vital coded information. You see, Art was the sole survivor of a recent mission behind enemy lines but something was not right… for, while only one Corporal Art Gunn had embarked on the mission, two Arts had returned — each carrying a different coded message containing crucial intel! But who is the real Art and who is the spy?

Known for his work on ‘Cadman: The Fighting Coward’ in Victor, this issue marks Dorey’s first-ever interior art for Commando. On cover duty as well, Dorey's illustrations perfectly lend themselves to Dominic Teague’s twisting tale of doppelgangers and deceit!

Story | Dominic Teague
Art | Mike Dorey
Cover | Mike Dorey

5596: Dead-Eye Donovan

Before the war, Burt Donovan had been a famous big-game hunter in Africa. Very few men could put a bullet smack in the centre of a moving target the way Burt did — every time.

Then came the war and Burt found himself a tank commander with a different kind of prey to hunt. It stood six feet tall, had close-cropped fair hair and was more dangerous than any cornered lion. Its name was Erich Stahler, a man dreaded by German and British alike, a rogue Nazi who had to be destroyed.

A signature gritty story from Major Eric Hebden, who famously used his own experiences from the Second World War for inspiration when writing — and it shows!

Story | E Hebden
Art | Bielsa
Cover | Chicharro
Originally Commando No. 481 (1970).

5597: Dante’s War

As bullets flew in the deserts of North Africa, Dante Adriaanse had a long-awaited opportunity to even a score that occupied his every waking moment. But it was not to be that day, and his commanding officer, Captain Bekker, survived to continue the fight. Months later, as shells bombard Bazentin, another chance presents itself. Can Dante’s childhood friend Christaan Pietersen save him from himself as hellfire rains down on this terrible quest for vengeance?

November's newest World War One commemoration story is all about revenge and R Tate delivers it in spades as bitter loss from the Boer War surfaces in white-hot hate when two Afrikaners serve the empire their fathers fought so hard against.

Story | R Tate
Art | Manuel Benet
Cover | Manuel Benet

5598: Who Killed Cooper

Squadron Leader ‘Flash’ Cooper was an excellent pilot, but he had one big failing — he was a glory hunter, and glory for him often meant danger for other pilots. So Flash made many enemies, and when he finally met a sticky end, the only question was… which one bumped him off?

A delightful whodunit from RA Montague, where classically the most unlikable character is killed off by someone in his own squadron and so begins a mystery to be solved!

Story | RA Montague
Art | Jose Maria Jorge
Cover | CG Walker
Originally Commando No. 1358 (1979)

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