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Commando 5591-5594

From ancient Rome to cricket pitches in World War One, boxing rings in POW camps and protective pooches packing pistols (yes, you read that right!), this Commando set is packed full of action and adventure for all ages. Get yours in shops Thursday, 10th November, in time for Armistice weekend!

5591: The Sins of Our Fathers

Once, the Batavi were a peaceful Germanic tribe friendly to ancient Rome, but their alliance was broken as the Romans betrayed and enslaved them. One man, Militius, would not allow that though. He tricked his captors, killing his legate, Castricius, and pushing the Romans to surrender. What no-one could have predicted was that what happened would stretch far into the future as their descendants met in another, just as bloody war.

The second story from Suresh Ramasubramanian provides excellent material for artists Dan Barnfield and Mark Eastbrook to show their creative chops, mixing ancient Romans and Batavi tribesmen with the Afrika Korps  and Italians in the heart of Rommel’s North African campaign.

Story | Suresh
Art| Dan Barnfield
Cover | Mark Eastbrook

5592: Fighting Kid McCoy

The skills ‘Kid’ McCoy had learnt before the war in the tough school of the boxing ring served him well in the jungle. For here, too, a man had to think and move fast to survive. But there was no referee to step in and call a halt when things got too rough, especially when Kid found himself in a Japanese prison camp matched against a karate champion!

A gritty tale from the Golden Era of Commando, this reprint has it all — incredible artwork and alpha male heroes ready to fight to the bitter end to save their brothers-in-arms!

Story | N Allen
Art | Aguilar
Cover | Penalva
Originally Commando No. 475 (1970).

5593: Not Quite Cricket

Eddy Phillips’ moment of cricket glory at Yateley Hall is cut down when the head boy strikes him in the knee with his bat after being shown up on the pitch. A ‘bounder’, Eddy was never going to fit in. But that did not stop him from signing up to do his bit in the Great War and attending Sandhurst with the rest of them. Only after he gets to the front and sees his old rival cower, while enlisted men are sent forward as fodder, does Eddy realise that war is still not quite cricket.

Commemorating Armistice this November, ‘Not Quite Cricket’ also marks Robbie MacNiven’s first Commando script AND Gary Welsh’s first illustrated pages for the pocket-book, a perfect addition to any Commando collection.

Story | Robbie MacNiven
Art | Gary Welsh
Cover | Neil Roberts

5594: A Friend In Need

“A friend in need is a friend indeed.” So the old saying goes. And a man’s best friend is his dog, right? That’s what George Carter figured when he found Pooch — or rather when Pooch found George. So he decided to keep him. But the officer in charge of George’s section had other ideas… especially when Pooch started giving pistols to the enemy and wandering about with live grenades in his mouth!
A rare Commando treat, this animal-themed Commando follows a tradition of canine heroes in the pages of the comic and real life, as numerous animals historically received war medals for their services to king and country!

Story | RA Montague
Art | Salmeron
Cover | Ron Brown
Originally Commando No. 1382 (1980)

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