Thursday, November 25, 2021

Commando 5491-5494

New Commandos incoming! Covering conflicts from across the globe from Norwegian Commandos in the icy tundra, a singer turned soldier in the Burmese Jungle, a coward in Siberia and thieves during the Invasion of Holland! What a bunch! Issues 5491-5494 are out today!  

5491: Frozen Fallout

When a tough group of Norwegian Commandos' mission goes awry in the tundra, only one man can save the day — except that man happens be Lars Ratvik, who is the most useless soldier in the squad! But when the chips were down and everything laid on his shoulders, he had to take charge and complete the mission or face the fallout!

Issue 5491 is written by Hailey Austin, in her fifth-ever Commando, as she teams up again with the veteran artist Jaume Forns! And that’s not even mentioning the ice-cool cover by Neil Roberts!

Story | Hailey Austin
Art | Jaume Forns
Cover | Neil Roberts

5492: At Dawn You Die

Issue 5492 is on its first outing since 1964! In this gold era Commando, John Hadley is a peacetime singing star turned soldier. But when John is sent to the jungles of Burma to join a small battle-hardened squad that had survived the invasion, things go wrong from the start! And you can imagine what a fighting fool John had to become before the squad would accept him!

A classic Commando from the 1960s penned by Kenner features a traditional storyline of a man trying to prove himself to his compatriots while being deep in the combat zone. With amazing interiors from CT Rigby and cover by Chaco — this is a Commando to die for!

Story | Kenner
Art | CT Rigby
Cover | Chaco
Originally Commando No. 111 (1964).

5493: Comrade Coward

Yegor Dobrynin was not afraid of anything, even standing up to his corrupt superiors. But when they decided that he should disappear to Siberia and be branded a coward, Yegor's hatred burned hot enough to warm him as he plotted his revenge! Can Yegor survive the war in order to get even? Well, you’ll have to read to find out!

With Heath Ackley on script duty, alongside Khato on interiors, and with a Mark Harris cover — don’t miss it!

Story | Heath Ackley
Art | Khato
Cover | Mark Harris

5494: Dead Man’s Diamonds

What would you do with a handful of contraband diamonds? Pilot Peter Lawrie and Dutch army officer Bart van Hanegen asked themselves that question —and it didn’t take long to answer it. With Holland being overrun, they chose to keep the gems — now all that had to do was survive the German invasion and their own guilty consciences!

A rip-roaring yarn from McDevitt, alongside masterful art from Ruiz, and topped off with a cover from legend, Ian Kennedy, this Commando is a steal!

Story | McDevitt
Art | Ruiz
Cover | Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 1696 (1983).

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