Thursday, November 11, 2021

Commando 5487-5490

Tally-ho! Exciting reads in this week’s Commando comics. From the scorching heat of the North African desert, to blistery snowy mountains in the Alps, and the treacherous trenches of the western front, this is one whirlwind set sure to have you on the edge of your seat — get yours soon!

5487: Crusader Clash

By November 1941, the vital port of Tobruk in Libya was under constant attack by the Axis forces. The Allied response was Operation Crusader — a major offensive by British and Commonwealth troops aimed at breaking the siege. The only problem was that, under that hot desert sun, not all the Allied troops were going to get along, least of all a group of British tankies and the South African unit they were sent to reinforce!

Commemorating 80 years since the Operation, Handley masterfully crafts an exciting issue that captures the tensions of the desert battles, expertly captured in another superb Mark Harris cover.

Story | Ferg Handley
Art | Muller and Klacik
Cover | Mark Harris

5488: Mystery Mountain

They were a tough breed, the pilots who flew the giant Lancaster bombers deep into enemy territory with their lethal loads of bombs. And they had to be to face the flak and fighters that followed their course. One pilot, Steve Markham, had made his name as the toughest of the tough — in the air. But he was also a man to reckon with on the ground. That’s how he survived to tell this amazing tale!

Featuring a quintessentially glorious aviation cover from the legend Ian Kennedy, this issue shows why he truly is a master artist.

Story | Blandford
Art | Amador
Cover | Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 606  (1971).

5489: Beware The Phantom

Gather round then and listen to what the old Sarge has to say… There’s a figure who haunts the trenches and no-one is safe from him. Armed with a Luger and a Webley, it doesn’t matter which side you’re on —you’re already his enemy. Some folk think he’s just a ghost story, a myth used to frighten green lads, but they’re wrong. He’s real all right, and if you ever find yourself in those deserted mazes in no man’s land then you had better… Beware The Phantom!

A World War I issue to honour Remembrance weekend, Sheath’s thrilling romp is steeped in Boys’ Adventure, harking back to classic comics from the Golden Age.

Story | Russell Sheath
Art | Khato
Cover | Ian Kennedy

5490: Revenge of the Ghost

Ghosts?! Sergeant Derek Bett did not believe in them. What sane person would, after all? So, when Private Ian Brodick tried to tell him that a man killed in England in the eighteenth century was aiding them both now in 1943, high in the snow-capped Italian mountains, well, he thought Ian had finally gone right off his rocker!

With a hilarious story from Sanderson, featuring a ghost with a wicked sense of humour — and side-tickling art from Fleming to bring it to life, this Commando will brighten any mood.

Story | Roger Sanderson
Art | Fleming
Cover | Jeff Bevan
Originally Commando No. 1680 (1983).

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