Friday, September 24, 2021

Comic Cuts — 24 September 2021

I'm still motoring through the pages of Action looking for interesting elements that some may have previously missed. I'm uncovering one or two as I read the stories, such as an episode featuring a character named after the uncle of the artist, and another that is set in the home town of the artist. I enjoy ferreting out these little details, especially as the story of Action is fairly well known. I'm working on the theory that if I dive deeper than anyone has previously, I'll be able to uncover facts and offer a few theories that will bring something new to the topic and add to the conversation.

Of course, at the very moment when I could do with as few distractions as possible, lots of distractions land on the doormat. It has been an incredible week for a fan of the history of comics with the release of the latest issues of Eagle Times and Vworp Vworp!, plus two books from the busy typewriter of Alan Clark.

I also had a book arrive on inter-library loan which I wanted to read as part of my research for the wartime comics essays I'm writing. The last of these is a problem fairly easily solved: I've scanned the whole book. I'm not condoning this behaviour, but it took a couple of months to arrive, and I could only borrow the book for a limited time. I don't have time to deal with it now, so spending a couple of hours on the scanner while I have been talking to people on the phone seemed the best option. It can now be returned to Croydon (where it came from) and I have access to it when I finally get back to writing about wartime comics. And if it turns out to be as good a book as it looks on first glance, I'll buy a copy for my shelves.

Between that and the other arrivals, plus the research I'm doing for the Action project, I'll be busy reading for the next few weeks. Hopefully I'll be able to slip in a few reviews, too, but I apologise in advance if it takes a while.

I'm keeping this deliberately short so I can get on with reading the next batch of Action strips. I'll end on a couple of photos that I've taken over the past few days. The reflections of clouds on the river on Tuesday was replaced by strands of mist over the river and fields on Wednesday. Lastly, Mel and Mum having lunch from a couple of weeks ago, just because I like the photo.

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