Saturday, September 11, 2021

Battling Britons vol.2 no.1 (September 2021)

Spinning off from a book of reviews published by Justin Marriott earlier this year, Battling Britons was intended to be a slim digest publication that suffered from what you might call "enthusiasm expansion", which causes project to expand and burst through all the planned boundaries.

What we have  to hand is a 96-page magazine with further issues already on the horizon (Justin is planning issues for February and June 2022). This debut issue has 21 features, many of them brief, with some of the most interesting (or just plain entertaining) being Jim O'Brien's look at the "—Or Die!" motif in pocket library titles, a review of Cam Kennedy's contribution to war strips and a look back at True War; Justin Marriott's look back at historical adventure strips, at some of the more eccentric strips to have appeared in the UK, Suicide Squads, and at elephants as weapons of war; Paul Trimble's review of Titan's Johnny Red reboot; Steve Myall's interview with Brent Towns; plus a ton of quickfire reviews.

The whole thing is entertainingly written, heavily illustrated and I'm amazed that Justin can put this package together for a fiver, half the price I would expect, even for a black & white publication. This is well worth the price.

Battling Britons vol.2 no.1
Justin Marriott ISBN 979-845271775-1, 96pp, £5.00. Available via Amazon.

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