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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Commando 5455-5458

New Commando issues are out today! With a special anniversary issue for the SAS, sweat-drenched desert truces, Nazi super-weapons, and an unlikely hero called ‘Ratso’… Get your copies this Thursday!

5455: Dare to Die

Commemorating 80 years of the SAS, ‘Dare to Die’ lives up to the motto of ‘Who Dares Wins’ as red-blooded heroes Paul Milton and Derek Connor are as daring as they come. Highly skilled and expertly-trained, they had guts to spare! Especially when an SAS raid on a lonely airstrip in the middle of the desert goes terribly wrong and they’re left behind. With only their wits to rely on, they do the last thing the Nazis expect — go back and ransack the place they just raided!

Mark Harris’s second cover for Commando is just as action-packed as his first, with an Indiana Jones style fist-fight on a racing armoured car in the desert! What’s not to like?

Story | Andrew Knighton
Art | Paolo Ongaro
Cover | Mark Harris

5456: Desert Fighter

The Germans had heard plenty about the Eighth Army. They’d heard plenty about the French Foreign Legion too, those tough, devil-may-care adventurers of the desert. Then Captain Dick Bryson of the Eighth Army and Colonel Duclos of the Foreign Legion shook hands in a desert fort in the middle of nowhere and decided to join forces. Wham! The Nazis were soon wondering what had hit them!

This Commando has grit aplenty with ruthless Nazis, subterfuge and betrayal, all under the scorching desert sun!

Story | Spence
Art | Buylla
Cover | Ken Barr
Originally Commando No. 189 (1965).

5457: Die Glocke

Late 1944 — the end of the war is on the horizon and two best friends, Paul Dunne and Thomas Holt, must work together on what will be their last top-secret mission. With years of fighting experience under their belts, the operation was supposed to be simple: parachute into Poland and beat the Russians in an attempt to acquire Wunderwaffe — top-secret German weapon technology. But things go awry, and the duo must play a bigger part in history than they ever imagined as they come face-to-face with Die Glocke!

A rare Commando written AND drawn by the same contributor, Dan Barnfield’s first Commando is meticulously detailed and engagingly written, making him someone to watch out for in future issues!

Story | Dan Barnfield
Art | Dan Barnfield
Cover | Neil Roberts

5458: Ratso and the Sergeant

Ratso and the Sergeant… sounds almost like a music hall comedy turn, doesn’t it? But the Germans definitely weren’t laughing at this duo’s act when they really got down to business, trying to make sure their tank unit came to no harm while attempting to halt the German advance!

With a title like that, who needs more incentive to read on? But there’s so much more to Ratso and the Sergeant than their names suggest as the polar opposites have to learn to work together if they’re going to survive and stop the enemy in this delightful Roger Sanderson romp.

Story | Roger Sanderson
Art | Carmona
Cover | Jeff Bevan
Originally Commando No. 1697 (1983).

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