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Thursday, July 08, 2021

Commando 5451-5454

Commando’s 60th Anniversary caps off with another four very special issues. Voted for by the Commando readers over Thought Bubble Weekend 2020, this set is four never-before reprinted classics from Commando’s golden era of the 1960s all with fantastic brand-new covers!  Each of the eight anniversary issues in the two anniversary sets feature covers by eight different artists showcasing Commando’s diverse back catalogue — including two brand new cover artist making their debut! Get yours when they’re out!

5451: Killers From the Deep

In 1943, the Battle of the North Atlantic had reached its peak. Convoys of British ships braved attacks from U-boat packs and Luftwaffe dive-bombers. Then came the greatest threat of all. German battleships hid in Norwegian fjords, ready to raid the convoys. Among them was the mighty Lindoff, 40,000 tons of fighting steel, whose guns could send a whole convoy to Davy Jones’s locker. Then, one dark night, three midget submarines, each with a crew of three, were towed from a Scottish harbour. They were Britain’s secret weapon — the X-Craft. Their destination: the Alten Fjord, Norway. Their orders: “Sink the Lindoff”.
    Carlos Pino’s aquatic cover shows the brilliance of the artist’s thirty-plus years career at Commando and why he is such a beloved and outstanding artist. The colour and fluidity pay homage to the original while added that quintessential Pino flavour.

Story | Spence
Art | Ros
Cover | Carlos Pino
Originally Commando No. 26 (1962).

5452: Lone Wolf

This is the story of a “lone wolf” — a man who did things his own way. He was a ruthless enemy and a dangerous friend. His name was Steve Lacroix, and he was French-Canadian. His story began during the terrible nine-hour raid on the port of Dieppe in August, 1942, when five thousand Canadians stormed the beaches — and less than two thousand came back…
    A cracking montage cover composed by Graeme Neil Reid himself, along with the meticulous detail he’s known for, Reid sets up the issue perfectly for the explosive content inside!

Story | Eric Hebden
Art | Medrano
Cover | Graeme Neil Reid
Originally Commando No. 40 (1962).

5453: Silent Patrol

They hated each other like poison, Sergeant Dan Cunliffe of the 8th Army, and big Carlo, the trigger-happy Italian freedom fighter. Trouble was, they had a job to do — a job that was vital to the whole Allied invasion of Italy. Their own quarrel would have to wait. But they did have one thing in common — a burning hatred for all things German… which was really tough on the Nazis!
    Known for his work on DC, Marvel and 2000AD, Staz Johnson is revered in British comics and fans will be delighted as he finally lends his hand to Commando with a cover that oozes grit and style in equal measures.

Story | Henderson
Art | Cueto
Cover | Staz Johnson
Originally Commando No. 43 (1962).

5454: The Avengers

They were called “Marine Commandos”. Their job was to hit the enemy with lightning swiftness and fox-like cunning. They operated over land and sea, striking deadly, surprise hammer-blows at the heart of the enemy. They were hardened fighters, every man, and their training was the toughest in the world — especially when there could be a traitor in the mix. Fingers pointed at one such man of German descent, who just happened to be an explosives expert. The rest of the men would have to watch their backs — and the detonator!
    Another new artist joining the Commando ranks, Mark Harris’s debut cover features everything war comic fans could ask for — Jerry kites, Commando heroes, machine-guns rattling and plenty of action to boot!

Story | Barnard
Art | Sostres
Cover | Mark Harris
Originally Commando No. 56 (1963).

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