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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Commando 5447-5450

’s 60th Anniversary bonanza continues with not one – not two – but four brand-new issues in this set with not a reprint in sight! Commandos 5447-5450 showcase the essence of Commando, from the classic tale of a jinxed aircraft in C-For-Cursed! to a look at what the far-flung future holds for the planet, to a story about the beloved Commando ‘QM’ mascot, and a sequel 60 years in the making!

5447: C-For-Cursed!

First up in the Commando 60th Anniversary set is an homage to Commandos from the golden age of war comics where Jonahs, jinxes and hoodoos were never too far from hand! When misfortune starts to befall the unlucky crew of a Lockheed Hudson stationed at RAF Leuchars, they know there’s a curse on their crate — but can they work out what it is before their doom?! The nod to classic Commandos doesn’t end there as the canny reader may recognise the names of the crew as a dedication to those who have worked on Commando during 60-year history of the comic!

All this with a mysterious Ian Kennedy cover and magnificent interiors by Carlos Pino — well you’d be dreadfully unlucky to miss it!

Story | Georgia Standen Battle
Art | Carlos Pino
Cover | Ian Kennedy

5448: Die — or Walk!

Now to that Commando sequel 60 years in the making with Issue 5448 ‘Die – or Walk!’. The issue is written by former editor Calum Laird and is the sequel to Issue 1 ‘Walk – or Die’, which was recently reprinted as Issue 5444 with a brand-new Ian Kennedy cover! In Laird’s follow up, after the dastardly Oberst Karl Oberth escapes from British custody, tankies Tom Gerrard, Bruce Willis and Guy Martin thought they had seen the last of that ruthless Jerry Colonel. However, fate decided that the four should meet again but this time not on the hot sands of Africa but on the war-torn landscape of Europe! How the tables turn though, as Tom finds himself carrying the very man who had carried him on the cover of Commando No. 1!

An outstanding array of talent on this Commando, from Keith Burns’ cover homage to the original 1960s Ken Barr cover, to the explosive interiors from veteran duo Morhain and Defeo, to former Editor Calum Laird’s script — well you’re in safe hands!

Story | Calum Laird
Art | Morhain & Defeo
Cover | Keith Burns

5449: After 2045

Have you ever pictured what Commandos of the future might be like? Well Issue 5449 is a glimpse at what the future might hold for humankind! And what a future — with the planet in the grip of World War 3, the aggressor this time is manmade — a horde of machines and drones determined to wipe humans off the face of the planet. Only a ragtag group of Neo-Commando elite can hope to stop them! But with the machines able to hack anything electric they must go old-school, back to the machines that served us so well in the last war like the mighty Spitfire!

Story | R Tate
Art | Vicente Alcazar
Cover | Neil Roberts

5450: The Quartermaster

Ever wondered what Commando’s Quartermaster Sean Hardgrave’s story is? Sure, he runs the stockroom, keeps the social media ticking over — but the man’s backstory is a mystery wrapped in an enigma! Well not anymore! Find out how the intrepid Captain in the Commandos came to be a Quartermaster in North Africa, with a few bumps, tricks, and dodgy dealings along the way! Sure, the QM doesn’t mind playing dirty to look after his men, and he certainly won’t stick his nose up at any nosh he can swindle some officers out of! But say no more, you’ll have to read to find out anything else!

Commando master at work, Manuel Benet is on cover and interior art duty for Kate Dewar’s exceptional script! Make sure you grab yourself a copy, by order of the Quartermaster!

Story | Kate Dewar
Art | Manuel Benet
Cover | Manuel Benet

And hold on to your helmets because the fun doesn’t stop there! Don’t miss the next set of Commando 60th celebrations featuring the four never-before-reprinted classic issues voted for by fans, printed with brand-new covers by two brand-new Commando artists, on sale from the 8th of July!

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