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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Commando 5359-5362

Commando touches down through several ages of war in this striking set, full of mystery and intrigue. Commando issues — out today!

5359: War Crime

Kurt Silverton has landed with the British taskforce on East Falkland where his cousin, Steven, arrived earlier — but all is not well when the pair finally catch up. Amidst the chaos of conflict there are other, darker whispers around Kurt, which if true could bring the whole of the Royal Navy into disrepute! Can Kurt discover the truth before it is burie

d in the fog of war?

‘War Crimes’ features a stunning cover by Ian Kennedy and dynamic interiors from Paolo Ongaro with thrilling panoramic double-page spreads.

Story | Dominic Teague
Art | Paolo Ongaro
Cover | Ian Kennedy

5360: Trail of a Hero

Boasting one of Ken Barr’s greatest covers — recently featured in Illustrator’s Quarterly, ‘Trail of a Hero’ is a throwback from the Golden era of British comics. Action-packed from the very outset, this issue has everything from Chindits to stolen identities in the jungles of East Asia!
As the Luftwaffe lay bombs across the British landscape, Pinto Miller and his family are caught up in the destruction. As his fellow Roma are patched up, Pinto sets out for revenge against the Nazi onslaught, but soon finds himself in the thick of the Burmese jungle, wreaking havoc on the Japanese! Pinto’s techniques are definitely out of the ordinary, but his skills are just the ticket in this fast-paced story of heroism against the odds.

Story | Fitzsimmons
Art | Ortiz
Cover | Ken Barr

Originally Commando No. 138 (1964).

5361: Curse of the Condor

In a small Cornish village, there is a curse upon the name Jago — and all who live there know it. Any who venture out to sea with that name will be dashed against Trevelyan’s Rock, doomed to die… or so goes the tale of a curse made by a drowning man hundreds of year

s ago. But it’s 1944 and the time for superstition is over on this RAF Rescue Launch… until a Jago once again steps aboard!

Written by past Editor Calum Laird, and illustrated by renowned horror artist Vicente Alcazar, this supernatural Commando is full of eerie intrigue.

Story | Calum Laird
Art | Vicente Alcazar
Cover | Neil Roberts

5362: Nowhere to Hide

A Silver age reprint from 1981, ‘Nowhere to Hide’ is another great cover from the master, Ian Kennedy, as Bernard Gregg’s story follows Lancaster rear gunner Jack Schofield, who is looking forward to some well-earned leave. But when he finds himself forced to bail out over occupied France, he never expects to wind up entangled in a murder investigation between the Nazis and the French Resistance! With the Mayor dead, Jack is on borrowed time to unveil the dastardly plot of the evil Krantz and Von Kluger, but there is so much more than just one man’s life at stake.

Story | Bernard Gregg
Art | Salmeron
Cover | Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 1557 (1981).

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