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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Rebellion Releases (2000AD)

This week's releases from Rebellion Publishing include the latest issues of 2000AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine. Rebellion's weekly and monthly titles, alongside specials (which are printed here in the UK) are appearing on newsstands as normal. Print editions of graphic novels and collections that are produced abroad are being delayed, although digital editions are appearing on schedule. The revised schedule for releases can be found here.

2000AD Prog 2182
Cover: Neil Googe / Gary Caldwell (col)

JUDGE DREDD: CHIMPSKY'S LAW by Kenneth Niemand (w) PJ Holden (a) Quinton Winter (c) Annie Parkhouse (l)
THE ORDER: INBETWEEN DAYS by Kek-W (w) John Burns (a) Simon Bowland (l)
FUTURE SHOCK: A.I. ♥ YOU by Liam Johnson (w) Robin Henley (a) Jim Campbell (l)
HERSHEY: DISEASE by Rob Williams (w) Simon Fraser (c) Simon Bowland (l)
SURVIVAL GEEKS: CRISIS OF INFINITE NERDS by Emma Beeby, Gordon Rennie (w) Neil Googe (a) Gary Caldwell (c) Annie Parkhouse (l)

Judge Dredd Megazine 420
Cover: PJ Holden

JUDGE DREDD: BAD SECTOR by Arthur Wyatt (w) PJ Holden (a) John Charles (c) Annie Parkhouse (l)
DEVLIN WAUGH: A VERY LARGE SPLASH by Ales Kot (w) Mike Dowling (a) Annie Parkhouse (l)
BLUNT III by TC Eglington (w) Boo Cook (a) Simon Bowland (l)
ZOMBIE ARMY: LAST RITES by Chris Roberson (w) Andrea Mutti (a) Matt Soffe (c) Simon Bowland (l)
LAWLESS: BOOM TOWN by Dan Abnett (w) Phil Winslade (a) Jim Campbell (l)

Features: New Comics: Smash! 2020, Old Haunts; Interview: Jake Lynch
Bagged reprint: Orlok, Agent of East Meg One

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