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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Commando 5143-5146

Brand new Commando issues are out today! Form an uneasy alliance with the Afrika Korps to rescue your squad from armed horsemen in North Africa, strike a truce with a fearsome Strafbattalion, steal Nazi gold from a Swiss vault, and tackle Nazi “pirates” in the Caribbean.

5143: The Enemy of my Enemy
In the parched deserts of North Africa, water is the most precious resource, and, for the Allied and Axis who fought there it was the difference between life and death.
    That’s why LRDG Captain Tommy Butler and Afrika Korps Hauptmann Arn Renner were willing to fight to the bitter end to claim an oasis — that is, until a third party entered the fray and Butler and Renner were forced to turn from enemies to allies.
    But just how long would their alliance last?
    Interior artist Muller returns to Commando with this stellar issue, showcasing Iain McLaughlin’s tense story of survival with real grit, as right from Janek Matysiak’s explosive cover we are lifted straight into the action.

Story | Iain McLaughlin
Pencils | Muller
Inks | Klacik
Cover | Janek Matysiak

5144: Heroes’ Hill
It wasn’t much of a hill… it didn’t look important but it was a natural observation point that looked out over the Dutch countryside for miles around. And it would make history in its own little way.
    Lieutenant Sandy Sanderson’s orders were to take the hill in any way possible to cover the oncoming Allied offensive. But something strange was happening… for here, standing shoulder to shoulder, British and German soldiers would fight a common enemy in World War II.
    Penalva’s amber cover flashes like a warning light for the perils inside, namely Allan’s fearsome Strafbattalion who become more threatening with every page in Franch’s interior.

Story | Allan
Art | Franch
Cover | Penalva
Originally Commando No. 487 (July 1970). Reprinted No. 1388 (February 1980).

5144: Nazi Gold!
In a secret room, several Wehrmacht Generals met, their greedy eyes wide at the thought of their Nazi gold. These selfish men had pilfered gold bullion from the National Banks of Yugoslavia and Greece during their Nazi occupation.
    But now a ragtag group of East London gangsters and British Army officers were going to steal it…
    A height thrill from Jim and David Turner, Neil Roberts’ stunning cover shows the stolen gold glimmers reflecting the nefarious “heroes” greed.

Story | Jim & David Turner
Art | Paolo Ongaro
Cover | Neil Roberts

5146: The Nelson Spirit
Schoolboy Billy Peters loved the old stories of swashbuckling pirates — and, living on an island in the Caribbean, there were plenty of tales to hear.
    But this was 1941 and Britain was at war with Germany. There were other pirates to worry about now — the kind who sailed U-boats and threatened to cripple Britain’s navies.
    One of these modern undersea raiders would give Billy his most exciting story ever — if he lived to tell it…
    Keith Shone’s instantly recognisable interiors, a stable of 1990s’ Commandos, perfectly capture both young Billy Peters’ wonder and fear as his Treasure Island fantasies become a horrific Nazi reality!

Story | Ian Clark
Art | Keith Shone
Cover | Jose Maria Jorge
Originally Commando No. 2831 (February 1995).

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