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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Commando 5135-5138

Brand new Commando issues are out today! Blend in with the night in a dark Spitfire, deploy depth-charges on hulking U-boats, charge to freedom in a Spanish battle bus, and prove yourself as a stretcher-bearer on the front line…

5135: The Dark Spitfire
A glint of moonlight off the wingtip was all you saw before the dark Spitfire claimed you. When silhouetted against the moon, it was as black as the night and completely without mercy. But the man who flew it was not British, nor did he fight for Britain — but for France and to avenge the family who had been taken from him.
    Perfectly encapsulating the mood of Iain McLaughlin’s atmospheric issue, Ian Kennedy’s cover highlights the solitude, mystery and ghostly nature of this rogue spitfire!

Story: Iain McLaughlin
Art: Juame Forns
Cover: Ian Kennedy

5136: Atlantic Patrol
The Consolidated B-24 Liberator was one of the greatest planes of the Second World War. It had a wingspan of 110 feet, a ceiling of 28,000 feet, packed ten machine guns and could carry 2,700 pound bombs. But Squadron Leader Walter Bennett missed his Anson and his old crew — all of whom were gunned down after an accident with an over-anxious Catalina…
    Ian Kennedy’s cover for ‘Atlantic Patrol’ is more experimental than usual, opting for bright colours and reflective metallics, making this an outstanding issue for any collector. That, paired with Brunt’s gritty story and Arias’s crisp interiors make ‘Atlantic Patrol’ worth any praise.

Story: Brunt
Art: Arias
Cover: Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 485 (July 1970). Reprinted No. 1396 (March 1980).

5137: Next Stop… Freedom!
The fascist grip of Nazi power was seizing control in 1938 as the Condor Legion clawed at the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War. That was why Aggregate rocket scientist, Professor Epstein, had to escape to France. The only problem was how he was going to get there… Luckily, the local militia were working on their own weapon to strike back against the Nationalists — an armoured battle bus!
    A classic Commando tale of fighting for freedom, Neil Roberts’ orange and yellow background on the cover is directly inspired by Ian Kennedy’s covers in the 1970s — just compare it to ‘Atlantic Patrol’.

Story: Richard Davis
Art: Morhain
Cover: Neil Roberts

5138: Under Fire!
Returning to his hometown in Nazi-occupied France, medical student, Jean Valdon, found that everything had changed. Jean and his father were hated, accused of being Nazi collaborators. Jean could just about bear it until the Allies liberated his town, and Jean’s father was murdered. Now forced to go on the run, Jean became a stretcher-bearer under a different name, desperate to prove himself and his family’s loyalty in the war.
    Similar to ‘The Dark Spitfire’, Ian Clark puts us right on the battle riddled streets of occupied France, as our hero is torn between his morals, duty, and family. This is not one to be missed!

Story: Ian Clark
Art: Olivera
Cover: Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 2752 (April 1994).

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