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Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Rebellion Releases (2000AD)

Rebellion releases for 2 May 2018.

2000AD Prog 2079
Cover: Mick McMahon
JUDGE DREDD: NANS OF ANARCHY by Alec Worley (w) Karl Richardson (a) Annie Parkhouse (l)
SINISTER DEXTER: THE GANGBUSTERS by Dan Abnett (w) Steve Yeowell (a) John Charles (c) Annie Parkhouse (l)
ANDERSON, PSI DIVISION: UNDERTOW by Emma Beeby (w) Mike Collins/Cliff Robinson (a) Jose Villarrubia (c) Simon Bowland (l)
FUTURE SHOCKS: AN INCONVENIENT TOOTH by Martin Feekins (w) Joe Palmer (a) Ellie De Ville (l)
STRONTIUM DOG: THE SON by John Wagner (w) Carlos Ezquerra (a) Ellie De Ville (l)

Batman/Judge Dredd: Judgement on Gotham & Vendetta in Gotham by John Wagner, Alan Grant, Simon Bisley & Cam Kennedy
Rebellion ISBN 978-1781-08627-8, 2 May 2018, 117pp, £6.99. Available via Amazon.
Judge Death has crossed dimensions to Gotham City and Judge Dredd is in pursuit! However, this is the home turf of a certain caped vigilante – the Batman. Two very different brands of uncompromising justice are destined to clash!

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