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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Ernest Prater

Robert J. Kirkpatrick

Ernest Prater was a both a respected war artist and a prolific illustrator of children’s books in a career that lasted for over 50 years.

He was born on 11 March 1864 and baptized exactly two years later at St. Mary’s Church, Islington. He was the sixth of nine children of Joseph Prater, a carpenter (born in Crantock, Cornwall, in 1821) and his wife Jane Harriet, née Larkins. Their other children were William (born in 1851), Francis (1853), Harry (1855), Jane (1857), Joseph (1861), Thomas (1866), Charles (1868), and John (1871). The family lived in Coleman Street, Islington, for many years, from around 1853 to the 1870s, with all the children baptized at the same church.

By the time of the 1891 census, the family had moved to 6 Woodville Road, Highbury, with William, Francis and Joseph working as wood engravers and carpenters, and Ernest working as a publisher’s clerk. However, in the late 1880s Ernest enrolled at the Highbury Institute and School of Art, and in the 1887 Electoral Register was recorded as renting a furnished bedroom at 6 Woodville Road from his father.

He was still at the Highbury Institute in 1890, when his career as an artist appears to have started. In that year, he provided illustrations for two books – Nobody’s Neighbours by L.T. Meade, and The Trespasser by Gilbert Parker, published by Collins and C. Arthur Pearson respectively. Three years later, he began contributing to The Idler, and, more importantly, The Graphic, for whom he worked until the end of the First World War. Other periodicals to which he contributed during the 1890s were The St. James’s Budget, Black and White, Hearth and Home, The Golden Penny, Chums, Black and White, The Ludgate, The Badminton Magazine, The Windsor Magazine, The Lady’s Realm, Pearson’s Magazine and Cassell’s Magazine. At the same time, he was illustrating a variety of children’s books, mainly adventure and family/domestic stories.

In the mid-1890s he began illustrating children’s book for several more publishers, in particular S.W. Partridge & Co., The Religious Tract Society and the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.

At the time of the 1891 census he was recorded at the family home at 67 Albion Road, Hornsey (although he was listed in that year¹s electoral register at 6 Woodville Road). This was his address when he exhibited his first painting at the Royal Academy, A Dash from a Scrimmage, in 1897. He then moved to the Memorial Hall Buildings, Farringdon Street, from where he exhibited three more paintings in 1898, 1899 and 1904. This was also his given address when, on 20 January 1898, at St. Sepulchre’s Church, Holborn, he married Florence Alice Norris. (Her background is unclear – her father’s details are not given on the marriage register, although as far as can be ascertained she was born in Edmonton, Middlesex, in 1876, her parents ostensibly being Henry Norris, a merchant, and his wife Emily. However, she may have been illegitimate.)

The following year, Clement Shorter, a former editor of The Illustrated London News and the founder of The Sketch, decided to launch The Sphere, an illustrated newspaper, in direct competition to The Graphic (founded in 1869). He appointed Prater (who had apparently served with the 3rd Middlesex Artillery, a volunteer force, for a while) as a war artist to cover the Boer War. He left for Capetown on 21 October 1899, and subsequently sent back sketches of the conflict which were the re-drawn for publication by artists such as Joseph Finnemore, Alfred Pearse and Sidney Paget, although occasionally the paper reproduced his original sketches. He also sent back photographs. He spent a month in the late summer of 1900 in hospital with enteric fever.

Pat Hodgson, in The War Illustrators (Osprey Publishing, 1977) observed that “It is difficult to determine his skill as an artist as all his Boer War sketches were redrawn, although The Sphere did say that his pictures were of ‘exceptional merit and would delight the eye of the most exigent master of an art class by their conscientious draughtsmanship.’”

After returning to England in November 1900 Prater continued working for The Sphere, illustrating sporting subjects, royalty, the military, major news stories etc., and he also began contributing to other periodicals, including The Art Journal, Sporting Pictures (launched by Cassell & Co. in 1902), The Wide World Magazine, The Illustrated London News, The Royal Magazine, Pall Mall Magazine, The Strand Magazine, The Red Magazine, The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, The Boy’s Own Paper, The Captain, The Girl’s Own Paper, Sunday at Home, Outward Bound, The Yellow Magazine, The Scout, The Children’s Newspaper and The Sheffield Weekly Telegraph.

He also continued illustrating children’s books, specializing in boys’ adventure, historical, war and school stories. Amongst the authors whose books he illustrated were G. A. Henty, Tom Bevan, Frank H. Shaw, Harold Avery, Gunby Hadath, Percy F. Westerman and F. S. Brereton. He also contributed to various children’s annuals, such as The Children’s Treasury of Pictures and Stories, Everyland for Boys and Girls, Collins Boy Scouts Annual, The Boys’ Budget, The Big Budget for Boys, The Golden Budget for Boys and Blackie’s Boys’ Annual.

He had been an active sportsman, his entry in Who’s Who in Art in 1929 stating that his recreations included “vigorous sports.” This was reflected in many of his paintings and illustrations, which included portrayals of football, rugby, cricket, American football and lacrosse.

Shortly after his marriage he and his wife had moved to Hastings, lodging with John Barnes and his family at Cliffside Villa, George Street. In 1901 he commissioned designs for a house to be built on The Leas in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, although he did not move there until sometime after 1908, when he was recorded living at 28 Whitefriars Crescent, Westcliff. He was, however, recorded as living at “Newquay”, The Leas, Westcliff in the 1911 census.

In the meantime the Praters had had five children: Gladys Alma (born in Westcliff in 1899), Mary Lillian (born in Edmonton, Middlesex, in 1902), Maisie Winifred (born in Barnet, Middlesex, in 1904), Ruby Albina (born in Westcliff in 1907), and Raleigh Brandon (born in Westcliff in 1909). A sixth child, Betty, was born in 1914.

During the First World War Prater worked for The Graphic, producing black and white illustrations from sketches sent back to England by the paper’s war artists. At the same time, he continued working as an illustrator of children’s books.

He remained at Westcliff until 1923, when he moved to “Crantock”, Dollis Avenue, Church End, Finchley, where he and his wife remained for the rest of their lives. Florence died on 10 June 1949, and Ernest died a year later, on 12 June 1950. He left an estate valued at £8,041 (around £233,000 in today’s terms).

Of his brothers, William became an artist, moving to Cornwall where he specialized in seascapes and landscapes; Francis made a career as a joiner/carpenter; Harry made a career as a wood engraver; Joseph became an artist and engraver; Thomas became a carpet salesman; and Charles was working as a clerk in 1901, after which he seems to disappear from online genealogy records.


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  1. Very interesting, he also had a sixth child, a daughter Betty D born in Rochford, Essex, 1914.

  2. Thanks from both me and Robert for the additional info. It is very much appreciated.