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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Commando issues 5087-5090

Brand new Commando issues out today! Buckle up and get ready for evading raiders in the Kenyan bush, bickering air-duo bail outs, kamikaze conjurors in the Himalayas and grizzled military detectives tracking down serial killers in the ruined streets of post-war Berlin…

5087: Ambush in Kenya

    The years following the end of World War Two were not as peaceful as you might think. Barely a decade later, Britain had entered another conflict in the blazing heat of the Kenyan grasslands. Wounded, dehydrated, and separated from their commanding officer, they turned to private Alec Murray to lead them and the oppressed local villagers to safety, fleeing not the Mau Mau rebels, but rifle and machete wielding raiders!
    Iain McLaughlin’s thrilling cat-and-mouse story highlights an often overlooked military conflict and Scotland’s role in it, offering an exciting new setting for Commando, which Rezzonico deftly convey through his artwork, focusing on the changing buffet of terrains that Kenya has to offer. Traversing barren grassland and rocky outcrops, how will our Black Watch team ever make it?

Story: Iain McLaughlin
Art: Rezzonico
Cover: Ian Kennedy

5088: Jonah in the Crew
Being a pilot was tough enough, steering through the skies and keeping a cool head while Luftwaffe fighters set their sights on you – but for Jonah Kingston, being a navigator was worse. Flying in a Boston bomber thousands of feet above France, with enemy fighters pelting them with machine gun fire, Jonah’s calculations had to be exact – and they were.  But when the pilots ignored Jonah, that’s when things went wrong, with very deadly consequences…
    With half a dozen types of aircraft filling the pages of R. A. Montague’s story, you can tell this issue was a real treat for lovers of aviation, interior artist, Mira, and cover artist Sanfeliz, as chunks of debris fly right off the cover from the Boston’s torn wing – setting the threatening tone right from the get go!

Story: R. A. Montague
Art: Mira
Cover: Sanfeliz
Originally Commando No. 420 (August 1969). Reprinted No. 1187 (January 1978)

5089: Trouble in Tibet
Imagine if someone had the power to create a storm: a kamikaze or ‘divine wind’. Now imagine the Germans had that power and were wanting to put it to use June 1944…
    The Germans didn’t have that power – yet. But that wasn’t going to stop them from trying. Legend had it that a hermit monk, living on the icy slopes of the Himalayan Mountains could conjure such winds, and now the Germans were on a mission to find him… but not if the British led team of Gurkhas could beat them to it!
    George Low’s charming pairing of the eccentric British Lieutenant and reluctant Gurkha Havildar provide the perfect heroes for this action-packed adventure. With artwork by Manuel Benet and a climax set against treacherous avalanches and rockslides amidst thunder, lightning and blinding blizzards – this is one Commando that certainly packs a punch.

Story: George Low
Art: Manuel Benet
Cover: Manuel Benet

5090: Murder in Berlin
A follow up to the much loved ‘Killer Commando’, the war may be over, but Chief Inspector Ernie Hallows is back! This time he’s been sent to Berlin to tackle a series of murders in a case that becomes more and more familiar as the body count rises… But even with a homicidal maniac on the loose, post-war Berlin offer its own problems. As tensions rise among his men and the Germans aiding them, Ernie’s new case throws him deeper and deeper into the ruined streets of Germany’s capital.
    With the returning triad of contributors, Mike Knowles once again plays homage to the hard-boiled Noir detectives of the past, with lines like “I could tell you where [to put it]… but it wouldn’t be polite”.  However, this time, Rigby’s interiors are brighter and more detailed, with the action happening in broad daylight instead of during the black out Blitz, proving the light can be just as dangerous as the dark…

Story: Mike Knowles
Art: C. T. Rigby
Cover: Ian Kennedy |
Originally Commando No. 2695 (September 1993)

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