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Thursday, November 02, 2017

Commando issues 5067-5070

Commando issues released 2 November 2017.

Commando issues 5067-5070 are out now! Nazis are at large in this Commando bundle, attempting high profile assassinations, seeking prestigious medals and forming Air Kommando squadrons…. Meanwhile, the Allies are working on their own top-secret plans… something involving pykrete.

5067: HMS Iceberg
Set in the glacial milieu of the North Atlantic, where polar bears roam and icebergs drift freely, something else was moving in those waters, something top secret…
    Working at a military base off the coast of Canada, Professor David Alexander is recruiting men to help test a new prototype for something codenamed Project Habakkuk… something which might just change the tides of war and help strike back against the Germans.
    With detailed interior and cover art from Manuel Benet, known for his thin line strokes and expressive faces, ‘HMS Iceberg’ is an immersive take on one of World War Two’s most unusual technologies.

Story: Iain McLaughlin
Art: Manuel Benet
Cover: Manuel Benet

5068: The Defiant
Three men’s paths will cross, their destinies intertwined on the battlefields of World War Two.
    Kurt Ruttmeyer, an arrogant and ambitious Waffen S.S. soldier wants nothing more than to be awarded the elite Cross of Gold; Bruno Leeman, a Luftwaffe ace pilot, who despises the Nazi regime of his country; and Dick Hartley, once an English student in peaceful Germany, now a Sergeant in the British Army.
    A classic tale of friendship, rivalries and revenge, C. G. Walker’s Golden Age issue is well in keeping with the time honoured themes of Commando, creating a dynamic duo with the iconic Gordon C. Livingstone, who designed the cover and interior art.

Story: C.G. Walker
Art: Gordon C. Livingstone
Cover: Gordon C. Livingstone
Originally Commando No. 406 (May 1969) Reprinted No. 1163 (1977)

5069: Operation Eagle Strike
Despite the initial success of Operation Barborossa, by 1943 the Germans had suffered more and more failed campaigns and losses as the Soviet Forces regrouped. But the Nazi eagle readied its claws to strike back in a new operation!
    Leading this action is Fallschirmjager Leutnant Jurgen Meissen and Feldwebel Ernst Hipper, two veterans of Crete and Norway. Their objective: to kill a Russian military V.I.P., but even they didn’t suspect getting this target in their sights…
    Accompanying George Low’s thrilling story of espionage is a stunning aerial cover from Ian Kennedy himself, the moody night scene working well with the theme of secrecy and Rezzonico’s noir illustrations.

Story: George Low
Art: Rezzonico
Cover: Ian Kennedy

5070: Air Kommando
After losing his right eye to shrapnel when his Heinkel 111 is shot down by a Hurricane, Major Erich Hartmann fears he will never fly again… That is until he is hired by a German bigwig as his token one-eyed chauffer. But Erich’s flying is just as good as ever and he quickly forms his own Air Kommando squadron. Taking to the skies, Erich leads daring missions, striking against the dreaded might of Russia.
    One of the first few issues to be drawn by Carlos Pino, ‘Air Kommando’ was certainly a great start to his career, showcasing his stellar style of facial expressions and action sequences.

Story: Ian Clark
Art: Carlos Pino
Cover: Ian Kennedy
Originally Commando No. 2653 (April 1993)

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