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Friday, November 17, 2017

Comic Cuts - 17 November 2017

After a week-long break, I'm back working on the Forgotten Authors book, finalising the contents for the first ebook collection. I was planning for the first volume to contain 11 essays, but I've added a couple more to bring the word count up to 60,000 words. So the authors covered will be W. Stephens Hayward, Anonyma, Stella M. During, Edric Vredenburg, Morley Adams, Gerald Biss, W. Holt White, Alphonse Courlander, Ella M. Scrymsour, Alexander Wilson, Guy Ramsey, E. T. Portwin and Dail Ambler.

I'm waiting on one bit of information, but I've spent the week going through each of these 13 essays, giving them a little tweak here and I'm now convinced that everything, including the kitchen sink, has been included. There's not one iota of extra information I can squeeze in. I'm hoping to have the book laid out in rough in a day or two and I'm working on a cover that I'll hopefully have finished shortly.

A quick update on the totals. I've finished 23 essays (although a couple of them are waiting on some minor information before I sign off of them) bringing the currant wordage to... 100,300! I was hoping that the final book – the Fifty Forgotten Authors collection – would be around 150,000 words, but I'm now wondering whether I'll even be finished at 200,000. That'll teach me to include the kitchen sink every time.

The current essay I'm working on is likely to be another long one, but I'm hoping to have some shorter ones to work on after that. I might do a volume which is made up of much shorter pieces where, perhaps, there isn't much information. It might give me a chance to breeze through some essays that don't utterly consume my every waking hour for two weeks.

What else has happened this week? I broke one of my hard drives by dropping it on the floor. Thankfully, it wasn't one of the drives I use to back up my computer. This was one I used to transfer files around the house and, stupidly, I was holding it by the USB cable as I walked through the kitchen when the cable and drive parted company. Although it only fell about three feet, it was onto hard floor, not carpet. A few more steps and it might have survived.

The new drive arrived on Thursday afternoon and I'm still copying odds and ends over to it.

Sadly, that really is all that's happened this week. A broken hard drive. I remember the old days when I used to do interesting things...

Random scans this week are a few SF novels (and a lovely space reference book) I've picked up recently that don't fit into any other gallery.

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